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    Oct 29, 2016
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    Ecstasy (drug) effects

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Spice Fiction, Feb 17, 2018.

    Hey all. I'm looking for some good resources to write about the feelings of a character who takes ecstasy (MDMA). I don't need the clinical effects, those are easy enough to find. Most other descriptions I've found are pretty vague, generic, or sound made up. It needs to be in her own words. I've never taken MDMA, so any suggestions?
  2. Cave Troll

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    Aug 8, 2015
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    Where cushions are comfy, and straps hold firm.
    It would seem that there is a varied exp. between people, and no clear defined
    explanation. I have only done Mary J, but that was 13yrs ago and never did
    anything harder. So unless someone here would care to admit to using the
    particular drug in question, it will not be easy to answer your question.

    1. You try it your self, and stay hydrated is important when using it.
    Also make sure you are getting it in it's purest form, and not cut with
    anything else (which will be hard to know).

    2. You try and cobble together a vast amount of exp. from what others
    share of their exp. and use your best judgement. (safer option).

    Sorry that I can not be of more help than this, but it is not as simple as
    answering something that is illicit in nature, when there is not much
    readily available info on what you're asking. So it would seem that you
    might have to spend a good portion of time trying to sift through what
    you can find from what others have shared about their exp.

    Good luck. :supersmile:
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    a room made of impossible angles
    You will have a very difficult time finding anything cohesive about real mdma, the effects are pretty subtle, if taken correctly.
    Most buy 'mdma' on the street, where it is a mix and can contain any number of things. What most take is speed with a little bit of something that makes skin sensitive.
  4. joeh1234

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    Jun 10, 2016
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    A freind of mine said it made them tounge their gums constantly. As another user said it all depends on the mix, but generally speaking can make people feel extra loving and for some reason a desire to dance,
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    Mar 21, 2012
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    Take some MDMA.
  6. triagain22

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    Mar 5, 2018
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    Never taken it but know many who have. From the stories I have heard, it's accelerating, like Ecstasy (SHOCKING!). Everyone's your friend and anyone of your preferred partners in on the table. If there isn't a party you make one. Most of what my friends & acquaintances have told me about being on it DOES sound like it has to be made up, from the movies; but I've been through "stories" that sound the same way whilst having other illicit substances in my blood stream, and some even while stone cold sober.
    So, yeah, I've heard my cousin tell me that he and his friend took some MDMA and stole a car and crashed it into the back of a car parked outside a house-party - laughing like they were in Need For Speed the whole time - and then proceeded to hit up the party and drink until the cops came to disperse it. Apparently my cousins friend punched out one of the cops, got arrested, thrown in the cruiser, and slipped his cuffs to make heart symbols with his hands as he yelled "I love you Ashley!" for a girl he met at the party. And that's not where the story ends. Did it happen? Knowing my cousin and his friends; yeah, probably it did. But there were also likely other drugs and lot of alcohol too.
    A friend of mine from out east said he used to take MDMA at home to jerk off and that it was better than anything short of sleeping with a girl. No craziness, nothing out of control, just heightened sexual pleasure. He seemed like the type.
    I've had other friends tell me about how great it is to take at raves or before hookups and others still say they'll go downtown and pop some just to get them up and see what they can get into.
    It probably just depends on how clean it is/what it's cut with when it's made, and the person taking it.
  7. Drinkingcrane

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    Aug 6, 2018
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    It is an intense euphoria unlike anything else. Like every cell in your body having an orgasam for hours. Everything feels good to touch people rolling will group up and just rub on eachother. It also makes you extremely open emotionally where you share things with strangers that you never would otherwise. It also has a stimulant effect where you can dance for hours. Also visual acuity is enhanced where everything looks beautiful. I have only done it once and I had a once in a lifetime experience. If you have any mor questions let me know.
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    Sep 14, 2018
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    There's a youtube channel called DRUGSLAB where people are paid by the government to try drugs and report on the effects.
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    ... em, personally I have to disagree with.. Drinkingcrane.. intense happiness yes.. don't take it it damages ur brain
  10. The Dapper Hooligan

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    The great white north.
    Unless you get a really bad batch or you have a rare sensitivity to it, taking drugs once, twice, even a dozen times isn't going to to much to your brain. The descriptions of the effects generally have to be pretty vague because people are generally different, and as a result, everyone experiences them somewhat differently. Even the same person can have different experiences taking the same drug depending on what they've eaten, drank, and what mood they're in when they take it. My personal experience with MDMA is mostly just feeling warm and aroused with an all over glow. The one time there was also some fairly minor lower abdominal cramping, which may have been the drug, but may also have also been from dehydration or even supper.

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