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    emwinshi, wmcbride1983 and Ourosboros - Weekly Poetry Contest (156) Joint Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Jul 15, 2011.

    Sixteen Years and Sixteen Hours
    By emwinshi

    Sixteen years of faith
    Only one person he cared
    One body he touched
    And one heart he shared

    Time brought on troubles
    She slept through the days
    Always hating herself
    And whatever came her way

    No reason or cause
    The pain still remained
    No doctor could help
    The depression that stayed

    One at a time
    She swallowed a pill
    Till the bottle was gone
    Her pain went still

    She drifted asleep
    Her dreams were deep
    He sat by her side
    Using his guilt to weep

    His world seemed to end
    Watching his love in this bed
    Hoping to live that one day
    The vows he once said

    Her eyes opened slowly
    He squeezed her hand tight
    Things were going to be okay
    He hoped through that night

    They returned home
    Love rekindled their past
    Only to fade quickly
    The depression came fast

    She was a one-time thing
    A cheater dissolved a dream
    Of I do’s and I love you’s
    Vows broken at the seam

    That ring that circled her finger
    He broke with a kiss
    She left her home saddened
    No longer hidden in bliss

    Anger and hatred
    A betrayed heart
    Feelings she felt
    A new life to start

    He made a mistake
    This he did know
    He wanted her back
    Her love to regrow

    He was her support
    The one she leaned on
    When her times were tough
    And she needed some calm

    She discovered her strength
    She had buried with in
    No longer needing support
    She used to get from him

    His life become lost
    In regrets from his past
    No grasp on reality
    He was unraveling fast

    His misdeeds were forgiven
    She loved him too much
    But she still moved on
    Alone but in touch

    To this day he’s still lost
    His regrets are his fears
    He misses her touch
    Her kisses and tears

    Once she was broken
    But now she is fine
    No regrets no lost love
    She learned over time

    He was once fixed
    But now he is broken
    Searching for forgiveness
    In all words he has spoken

    By wmcbride1983

    And these walls come tumbling down
    ebbed away by this need to speak; concealed
    venture forth from reclusive calm
    display to all my true face, revealed.
    All these safeguards have failed me now
    tattered remnants of emotion laid out bare to see
    bruised and neglected, these feelings cry out
    stripped and skeletal; strengthening.
    But for this stand, this last embrace
    (and give the girl a kiss)
    (put a gun to my lips)
    (place this razor on my wrist)
    (fuck this parody of a dream; was it worth all of this?)
    I stand before the world skeletal, of my mask not a trace.
    Sick of the bile rising, for when the day has gone
    you have the audacity to call me a good person
    knowing not of what I've done.
    Cast away this affliction, this curse it is to feel
    love as much my downfall as hatred, spite and fear
    Become at once cold; now collected
    and from this instant I'll never be the same
    slipped away beyond being vulnerable
    Skeletal; ever will I remain.

    The Lover Left Behind
    By Ourosboros

    “didn’t happen”

    hiding in a self-constructed cave of hay, she knows that
    people sometimes shadow the clouds looking for delusions
    or trips to hope. surely it’s all mental, and she’s alive
    her purple lips and eyelids a result of just not enough sleep
    tells herself she should sleep more, that when she awakens
    she’ll kiss her again, and her brain will give up its ideas
    of ran-over lights, red liquid streets, and damaged cars
    she smiles, she resolves that tonight she’ll tell the stars
    not to mourn, that after all, they are immortal, “she and I”

    “the world hates you”

    sinking her teeth into the old dirt
    the flesh of the grass grasps her tongue
    and holds her still. tranquilize, child, tranquilize
    she sends a letter in her mind to the world:
    where do the colors of her eyes lay? are they now
    left to be projecting memories into her closed eyelids?
    where have you left her? she waits, waits, guesses
    everywhere and nowhere, is that what you’re going to say?!
    the world stops spinning, but doesn’t answer.

    “blame the others”

    running from the red gravel streets, she stops to look
    at the cars, the people, the people. she knows that
    they’ve killed her, turning her body into broken porcelain
    that in their malice, they painted her with splotches of red
    here and there, trying to degrade her green-eyed Clara
    she tries to scream away their metal looks, to make them
    look away from the remains laying on the street
    she kicks, flips over the world, then enters their minds
    surprised to find no conspiracies, yet no mourning.

    “introduction to the aftertime”

    crying, she flips over the page of the album of pictures
    that is now more water than colours. looks at the photograph
    and smiles, she recognizes the white sand, and remembers that day
    from the picnic, to the wine, to the small, but beautiful drunk kisses
    she touches with her fingertips a smile, two hands, a ring
    then the cliché sunrise background. a tear falls and merges
    with the waves of the ocean, adding more salt to the water
    reads the caption “to the happily ever after”, and smiles,
    closes the book, whispers “nevermind, my lover”.
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