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    Energy In Words and Actions

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by Jovitus Justus, Jun 20, 2016.

    Being able to speak has changed the scope of human being and his superiority.
    Just imagine that every creature could be able to speak; and not just that- also all creature could give out orders and rule over everything under the sun. How would our world be?? That is why there is a reason why Human Being are powerful tool of change through what they say and do. It is through what we utter and do that bring about changes in our surroundings.

    There is powerful magic in every word written or narrated. Our spoken words change when they reach the right ears. Our written creative articles bring about impact and give others the reason to reason better. AS WRITERS; it is a talent which acts as a tool to shape and nurture the world thinking-ability. Lets take chance because this talent never grows old except that it expands broadly and wide. No matter the age you have reached now- if you are a writer your mind is always thinking far beyond others because they have Unread Books!!! The world still looks upon us to change it through our works.

    Our words are energy, they change the world's actions if regarded positively. We are this World's passionate figure and there is no denying that only books have changed the world and Historians who are writers have kept the World record attached together.


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