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    Mar 17, 2014
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    "Evening all" greetings from NW Scotland here !!

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by A - Z Book Reviewers, Mar 18, 2014.

    Ello, ello one and all, "A - Z Book Reviewesr" logging in for the first time to firstly say ello! and also to ask a few questions of the assembled users if I may!

    So who am I?
    Easy to answer that one I'm a 50 yr old male "ALL" Scotsman! (just turned 50" don't look a day over 49 1/2 either but hey ho, I blame HD myself!!) I sadly suffer from MS that said I have had 47 odd years with minimal hardship BUT like all of these types of health issues you are only in remission until (for whatever reason suddenly are not, my "suddenly" has just been and gone) leaving me feeling as though a steam road roller had been repeatedly driven back and forth over me, in consequence I have NO control over my hands/arms and my leg, kneecaps and hip on my righthand side, and last but not by any means least my r/hand shoulder, elbow and wrist/hand let alone the total/utter lack of any sensation, grip and,or dexterity in all these areas!! that leaves me with a worsening issue in that I am not totally unable to grip, hold or write with a conventional pen, thank the lord I am well used to "touchscreen" devises likes of my daily used IPad, a lesser used Iphone and my Kindle Fire HD, then my newest addition to my stable of gizmos? in the purchase of an Samsung Galaxy Camera which I am hoping will allow me to reinvent my previous passion for photography, that was lost some time ago in the last decade or so's camera designs that all without exception almost had tiny buttons and very few working parts to a bi-functionally deficient cameraman these were all but useless, stuck with really just my IPad for a few years I spent it in researching what was and should shortly be available online be it books, tech or facilities.

    My family consists of myself the 50 yr old male half of the couple, I have had eyesight issues since a tiny tot resulting in the removal of a my left eye completely at only eight years old, subtitling it entirely with an artificial eye at about eight years old, then I have had various stomach, eating and bloodloss issues on and off in the period between now and then cumulating in major bloodloss one night in mid 1991 and several weeks later the diagnosis of "Schleroderma" and minor "raynaulds" both of which are congenative blood, muscle and skin wasting deceases, that affected me far worse in the summer than winter, which would be the Scleroderma and Raynaulds part playing absolutely right into my hands !!! over the years due primarily being able to do very little else I have gotten ever more use to reading, writing and reviewing all of which are hobbies I now would like to look further how faster I need to go in order to of lost the trailing focses for once and for all......The other 1/2 of our whole partnership is Von my (37) yr old female who many moons back gave up a very promising Carer as a fully trained Scottish Handmade Tartan Kiltmaker (a dying art here in the place of their birth, as more and more are sucoming to faster business practices and being factory made via machining as against handstiching very much like the range recently modeled range in Aldi to coincide with the world cup, having personally made kilts for many film, music and Tv stars it's no big thing to her to do so and is very modest about the whole affair! having sadly had to give up her profesion to then be available 24/7 365 days as my F/T Carer is an amazing show of commitment to both myself and our relationship, when we first met although I was unwell at that time from then until very recently I was easily mistaken for a relatively fit, well person that I am clearly not! just going to show how many hidden unwell we have in this country?? She herself has few medical issues other than those sustained whilst with or helping moi! she fell in the bathroom only last week over my leg and walking stick and landed onto her knee as she had done, forgetting how to gain access during the weekend nights?? (the answer is, YOU DON'T!, you suffer or travel the 135 miles return to accident and Emergency at Raigmore in Inverness's, "Raigmore International Hospital" who deal with the whole nine yards much like all other emergency hospitals, then family Von has no kids, where as I have two, both grownup adults now with their own lives now !! we have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Pupps, Georgie a tri colored (blk, tan and white) being almost three years old now and Mollie a Blenheim (all tan and white) are our babies now and lastly our final (petbabay) would be "A.S.B.O" very correctly named by it's title and behavior, an all black kitten who rightfully should of had an Asbo for in truth, her behavior when she was rightfully a kitten thus a true baby a kitten!! all present and correct I shall reassemble as a schoolmaster at this point abaa

    and Von the (37) yr old female half
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    Welcome to these forums. Good sense of humor you have. :)
    Sorry to hear you've had such a rough time with your health. I hope things get better for you.
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    Mar 13, 2014
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    Welcome to the site. Nice to meet you.
  4. Trilby

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    Jun 21, 2010
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    NE England
    Hi there, welcome aboard!

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