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    Ever thought of writing a bio on a family member or friend?

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by paperbackwriter, May 11, 2018.

    Well I have had vague ambitions about this.
    I couldn't do a lot of justice to my older siblings because I missed their early childhood. I cant quite grasp their point of view, as the young children of my parents and the family dynamics at the time. I get snippets from my bro like "Dad was away on business a lot. We hardly saw him." This dynamic forced my brother into a surrogate parent role that I have never fully understood nor empathised with.
    My younger brothers are an easier mission. One in particular, went from Catholic to Protestant in his late twenties, the only one to do so. The rest of us remain apathetic Catholics or works in progress like myself. But it is interesting to have a "Protestant" in the family now , who insists on the sole authority of the Bible. He really is a puritanical version as well, which would make my father laugh if he were alive today. This particular sibling though, has a real humanity about him that is hard to ignore in my opinion. He never went to University so never attained intellectual arrogance. My "intellectual" other brother and I, do tease him when he makes dogmatic statements, which is not something I am proud of. This born again brother was a nice guy before he discovered Jesus and remains a nice guy after his Adult Baptism. He is naturally empathetic to all human beings and will help anyone in need.
    I think such a bio is a tribute. It would be sad for him to pass on without some recognition of his warmth as a person and loveability. But maybe the tribute should occur after his death eh. :) (me being older is an issue there)

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