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    Fallout questions

    Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Reilley Turner, Jul 4, 2015.

    Disclaimer: I had previously posted a similar topic on a Terraria forum, but it's been a week and 1 unhelpful response. I just thought I would get more help here. Sorry if this is breaking the rules.

    In Terraria, I'm creating a fallout style vault but only have the npc rooms, overseer's office (more or less), and the vault entrance, as well as some other wiring creations. I want this to be a Terraria Vault, meaning it would have both Terraria elements (hellevator) and fallout elements (Overseer's Office). As I said, I have had no help on the Terraria Forum, but wish to continue with this project. Any help is appreciated, and I'm sure there are some Fallout and/or Terraria players out there.

    Thanks in advance, Reilley Turner.

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