Shall it be Slavery or the Guillotine?

  1. Life as a Snaga

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  2. Death

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    Fictional fantasy court trial that needs a Jury

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Lazzamore, Feb 1, 2016.

    I'm a part of a Role-playing game that has reached a point that involves a trial of a known criminal. I need an impartial Jury to decide the accused fate. The accused, a Siren named 'Gotha', has kidnapped an Orcish noble and threatened his murder. The trial is to determine her sentence: Either she will be sentenced to become a 'Snaga', a type of slave that can work it's way to freedom in some cases, or she will be executed. After five jurors decide, I will take the majority vote (We kinda want to know pretty soon, so it won't be a unanimous deal).

    So first, here are her crimes and the situation surrounding them:
    A year ago, Gotha kidnapped the nobleman and former ruler of Oth (the orcs country), Broll while he was on foreign soil. King Mazar of Oth set a rich reward for his safe return, and by the end of the year He was successfully rescued by agents of Oth's ally, the nation of Blood-Isle. However, by the time they found Broll and Gotha, she had become impregnated with Broll's children and poisoned him to serve her. The agents discovered that Gotha is a well known master-poison maker and master of manipulation. Broll was freed from his mental spell, but still argues for mercy on Gotha. Broll has much influence over Oth.

    The Arguments put forward for her death:

    Blood Titan, King of blood isle, pushes for Gotha's execution. He argues that she is too dangerous to be left alive; Sirens possess the ability to 'charm' others with their lilting singing, or enrage them if they are Orcs or goblins.

    He further argues that despite that Orcs would be relatively unaffected, Foreigners would not be so fortunate. She is not to be taken lightly, and her escape would be detrimental to the extreme.

    While the defense argues that Gotha, being the mother of Brolls children, is now needed to be alive, examples exist of those totally orphaned at a young age becoming powerful and influential anyways; Blood titan himself, for example. Not to mention that her competence of even being a good mother can be called into question, if she is willing to kidnap and threatens to murder.

    Finally, to be a 'Snaga' is to be forced labor with no legal rights or property ownership, And while Orc's of Oth are fairly religious and condemn cruelty, this may still be a fate worse then death, Blood Titan argues.

    The Arguments put forward for mercy:

    Broll, the Noble who sustained the damages, does not wish for Gotha to be sentence harshly. He has pubicly and privately made known his desire for her pardon, for the soul reason that she should mother his children. Broll harbors no ill-will towards the accused.

    Death is not a normal punishment. While Gotha may be dangerous, she cannot be without hope for 'salvation'. The death penalty was recommended by Blood isle, a more violent nation.

    Never-the-less, by kidnapping a former ruler, she committed a crime against the current ruler, King Mazar, who demands satisfaction. He now turns to his court of Jurors for counsiling on this matter: Shall it be Death, or the life of a Snaga?

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