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    fighter25 - Weekly Poetry Contest (120) Winner

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Jul 15, 2010.

    The Motherland
    By fighter25

    “I pledge of allegiance…”

    Blood trickles down my arm.
    Cracked and beaten,
    Dry and desolate,
    This river rejuvenates.
    It replenishes…

    “To the flag of the United States…”

    Numb to the pain,
    To the world,
    I hold everything I am
    In the palm of my hand.

    “Of America.”

    The motherland...
    She’s so far,
    But sends her condolences
    On greeting cards.

    “And to the Republic”

    Sand fills my boots.
    Tears flood my eyes,
    Ripping through cells
    And freeing the souls.

    “For which it stands”

    Coated in salt,
    I am lost…
    A child again…
    I regress.

    “One nation under God”

    Bullets fly on wings
    Ready to strike.
    I don’t move…
    The fear is too great.


    I hear her calling…
    The motherland calls!
    “Oh say can you see…”
    She is my blood,
    My power,
    My strength,

    “With liberty and justice”

    Standing against the storm,
    I keep my head held high…
    For Mum,
    For Pop,
    For You, Motherland .

    “For all.”
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