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    Figuring out Foreign (Danish) Grand Jury Equivalents....

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Commandante Lemming, Jan 18, 2017.

    Random question - and this might be more of a "how to" than asking if anyone actually knows.

    I have one project that involves an investigator for the Danish national special police (the Rigspolitet), and I'm trying to figure out how a major criminal case would be filed in Denmark...and the reason is that I want to tell part of the story through false transcripts. If I were writing this about a U.S. FBI agent, I would be writing these as grand jury transcripts leading up to an indictment. However, what I have been able to figure out is that Denmark does not HAVE US-style grand juries (and I don't know whether they have indictments as such).

    So, how would I go about figuring out how a case is actually filed in Denmark. I don't actually need to know how it's resolved, I need to know how something goes from an investigation to a formal criminal charge - and whether doing that requires the investigating agents and lawyers to present their evidence to some body that authorizes them to go to trial - which would likely produce transcripts if it existed.
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    I'd suggest you contact the Rigspolitet and ask - if you explain that you are an author doing research wanting to get your facts straight i'd imagine they'd be fairly helpful, they probably have a press and PR dept who are used to handling these issues

    https://www.politi.dk/en/servicemenu/home/ (Click on English in the top bar if it appears in danish ) contacts are at bottom right

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