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  1. Torana

    Torana Contributor Contributor

    Mar 13, 2007
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    Final Poetry Contest For 2007 - week 30

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Torana, Dec 17, 2007.

    Poetry Contest

    :D Last poetry contest for 2007 :D

    The six commandments (rules just sounded so boring...):

    * The poem must be based on the theme I set if not it will not be entered.
    * Only one poem per member or they will be deleted and you will be stricken from the contest.
    * Each poem must be more than 7 lines or it will be removed.
    * No editing a poem once it is submitted without prior permission. So please PM me before you edit you poems or I will have no choice but to not enter your piece for voting.
    * The poems are to be entered into this thread.
    * No soliciting votes. Do not ask people to vote for you, or attempt to cheat the system. You will be caught, and then I'll have to think of some suitable punishment for you.
    * Put the title at the beginning of your poem. Otherwise I will title it for you, and I'll use my imagination :p

    (This weeks poetry contest will run for 14 days and voting will last for 7 days due to the Christmas and New Years festivities. This way we can hopefully we can maximise entries and voting for this poetry contest. After which the poetry contests will go back to normal.)

    The entry stage will end in 14 days, on 31st December 2007, whereupon voting will be opened.

    The voting stage will end after seven days, on 7th of January 2008. The winner will have their poem stickied in the Poetry Thread for a week following their victory.

    This week's theme (courtesy of Cogito and Myself) is: New Beginnings, Renewal, Fresh Starts.

    (With the coming of the New Year I thought this would be a good idea. Seeing as though we are such a diverse writing community having a Christmas theme would be unfair to those who do not celebrate Christmas, so New Beginnings I felt was a good way to go with this one.)

    Be imaginative and have fun Please PM any suggestions for future themes to myself and they will be used in the order in which they are received.


    PS. Any questions which haven't been answered in this thread should be directed to myself.
  2. mammamaia

    mammamaia nit-picker-in-chief Contributor

    Nov 21, 2006
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    Coquille, Oregon
    torana/banzai/whoever... this is a two-part poem, but each part has a title, so i hope it will not go against the rules for a single entry per person... if you can't let both stay, then please only delete the first part and let the second stay as my entry... i hope you'll see why it works best in tandem, when you read it...

    A Day In The Cosmic Lab: Genesis Revisited

    Natural, or

    Or, planning gone awry
    as our makers
    grew too careless
    or cared less about
    what they made...
    forsaking any
    moral meaning to
    the task,
    basking in the glow
    of their own glory
    as creators...
    a slip?

    Tripped up by feigned
    ignorance of
    nature’s laws?

    or bored
    routines come
    by attention’s lapse?

    Perhaps a bit of all,
    their call?
    “Scrub it!
    Dump the lot.
    They’re too ‘hot’
    to let any escape...
    these humans who rape
    and kill
    and lie.”

    “Hey! Next time,
    let’s try...”

    Back To The Drawing Board

    What next?

    Some one-sexed
    creature, I feature,
    the 2-gendered kind--
    not too tender
    behind a facade
    like Marat and de Sade--
    didn’t work.

    A quirk
    of their breeding,
    needing to have
    one of each
    to mate,
    the whole game--
    and poor earth’s
    not been the same

    I wince at what
    might’ve been
    (the cosmos done in!)
    if we’d let them
    go on one more year.

    Here we’re
    at square one,
    done with humans,
    back wracking our brains
    to come up with a plan
    for a man-less
    one that won’t
    wipe out
    their sisters and brothers,
    along with
    all others.
  3. Torana

    Torana Contributor Contributor

    Mar 13, 2007
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    Maia I am happy for your entry to remain as it is for this contest. It will be judged as one entire poem so I have no problem with the submission at all.

    Thank you kindly

    Torana :)
  4. mammamaia

    mammamaia nit-picker-in-chief Contributor

    Nov 21, 2006
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    Coquille, Oregon
    muchas gracias, amigos!
  5. K~la

    K~la New Member

    Oct 2, 2007
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    A New Year, A New World

    A handprint is steamed
    onto the snow-speckled window
    as I look up to the sky.
    The man in the moon
    shows his vibrant smile,
    lighting a path for all.
    He does not favour
    one over another.
    We all deserve to walk
    in his light without fear,
    and with no shame.
    Just one world for us all
    which we have overcrowded with ignorance.
    Now more than ever
    we need to stop these uncontrollable actions.
    It is time for all mankind
    to start a new life together.
  6. Leaka

    Leaka Creative Mettle

    Dec 17, 2007
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    ( I'm going to post this poems.But I don't if you will accept it because someone dies in it.
    But if you look on the spiritual side death is the beginning of anothers life the
    soul is always being recycled and being put into another to give birth to another.)

    Written Last Words

    The first stroke of the morning and the smell of coffee is charming.
    The first movement of the morning as the uncontrollable legs go downstairs.
    The first kiss from the misses and the first “Be safe.”
    The first pang of loneliness as the misses leaves.

    The first check of the time in the morning and then the quick running upstairs. The first frustration as the machine will not turn on.
    The first phone call and the first “Hello”
    Then it all rings back deadlines,deadlines, deadlines

    The first typing as words strap the electronic pages
    Inspiration pours on to the electronic paper like ham and gravy.
    Just typing about a man who does not exist. An electronic man.

    The stroke of the afternoon and the fingers become slowed.
    The mind thoughtless no more gravy in this pan. The legs controllable now begin a decent downstairs.
    The legs miss a step of the stairs.
    No big deal just continue rolling and rolling.
    Oh how foolish of me.
    No more gravy but just red words. My last words no struggle no fight and the electronic man comes for me.
    The electronic man takes away my sight and then my feeling.

    The electronic man takes my heart and then takes my soul.
    And like the electronic man all that exist is me empty soul waiting for the misses.
    Oh foolish me.

    (I don't know if this is what you want, but I put it on if you don't accept it that's okay.)
  7. vangoghsear

    vangoghsear New Member

    Dec 17, 2007
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    First poem for me on this site. Hope you see the new beginning in this.

    Late Night Fight

    Late night fight again.
    I turned;
    she was gone.
    The door slams, she ran.
    (left her coat.)
    but put her red scarf on.

    Hoot owl calls
    Melancholy tune
    blue as shadows
    cast on the snow
    by the autumn
    waning moon.
    Its mate responds
    Reminds me
    you walked away.

    Flash of red
    a block ahead.
    I walk after,
    won’t run.
    Her fault this time,
    not mine.
    Don’t even know
    how this had begun.

    She hears me.
    Angry, runs away.
    Owls repeat their song.
    I follow in the cold.
    Too cold.
    Frozen, pine scented
    blue brittle air.
    (out too long.)

    “I remember when
    we found that scarf,”
    I said when she could hear.
    “You don’t remember anything!”
    but she hesitates...
    I don’t draw near.

    “You’re a pain in the butt!”
    she said; then stopped
    and turned around.
    it’ll be alright,
    we can end the fight,
    a dialog begin.
    She loves to walk,
    loves the owls,
    and loves me again.
  8. Torana

    Torana Contributor Contributor

    Mar 13, 2007
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    That is perfectly fine Leaka. It is your interpretation of the set theme and it is definately acceptable.

    Thank you kindly
  9. Neha

    Neha Beyond Infinity. Contributor

    Dec 24, 2007
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    This is my first poem, rather it was a song, I wrote it on my first day in High School!! I hope its valid

    A nobody? Oh no!

    Never thought I would ever have to see,
    How I really act, why people hate me.
    Looking in the mrror, I never feel,
    could be so bad, I'm an eternity?

    Living on the edge was the way liked life!
    The ecstasized feelings, itz building it up.
    Oh! Never had I imagined could be,
    The unbelievable ignorant that I'm me.

    9*3 I thought was eleven,
    Never thought it could ever sum it up to 27,
    5 o' clock I was called and I would always be,
    The last one to join the party.

    Den one sudden day I found myself zapped,
    I was sitting down, down there, and Somone,

    OVER-LOOKED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was the coolest person who ever could be,
    Or at least was the opinion I had of me!
    Starting that day when I stepped into High School,
    It all changed, and my life was over!

    But it's changing me I think,
    Alll the crap I catch myself thinking,
    But I can't stand being a nobody,
    I hope it changes soon
  10. Torana

    Torana Contributor Contributor

    Mar 13, 2007
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    Lets Toast To Tomorrow

    (Not sure how well this poem turned out personally, but I did my best to write a positive poem this time round. Hope you like it anyway :))

    I stand upon the porch, as the day comes to an end.
    A tear runs down my face; falls to the ground again.
    Memories of Christmas past come flooding back again.
    I shouldn’t be so sad that you aren’t here,
    got to move on as time has now changed,
    It’s a new beginning, a whole new life out there.
    Got to give it a chance; got to start living it once more.

    There’s a whole new light in my life,
    a fresh start that I was holding back for so long;
    Now I’m looking forwards, not looking back,
    moving on with each new day as it comes.
    Cause there’s no point living in the past,
    no point dwelling on all the pain I had.
    I’ve so many new memories to create,
    so many laughs that are yet to come my way.

    So, raise your glasses now and share a toast,
    to new beginning, fresh starts to life.
    Tomorrow I will wake up and be smiling oh so free;
    because I’ve finally seen the light and moving on,
    woken to the path I was heading on down once more.
    So raise your glass and make a toast with me tonight,
    put those tears in the past and let a smile dance upon your face again.
    Tomorrow the sun will rise and we will wake up walking free,
    free from sadness, pain and hurt, free from anger and restraint;
    we’ll be free to live our lives the way we choose,
    and never look back and dwell on suffrage again.

  11. susie

    susie New Member

    Oct 20, 2006
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    First time poem for me also.

    "Reflective Spring"

    Spring bubbles up

    like a rainbow of color.

    It is a season

    unlike any other.

    Filled with flora;

    Flowers of all kinds.

    Azaelas and peonies

    often come to mind.

    Spring is love -

    Poetry in motion.

    A time for reflection

    and quiet devotion.
  12. Cicero

    Cicero Banned

    Nov 3, 2007
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    Mississippi, USA

    I remember watching,
    The horizon's setting sun,
    From a hill on which I sadly sat,
    In the world of which I'm none,

    And I remember the solemn sound,
    Of the wind's voice through the trees,
    Howling hauntingly through the dark,
    As if it was mad at me,

    Sadly shining stars I see,
    It's as if they're crying too,
    But no star could be this sad,
    No being could ever feel as bad,
    As I do here without you,

    But maybe - somewhere, out there,
    A light in the dark glows faint,
    And as it grows, the darkness knows,
    There is nothing it can taint,

    And when the light has grown so bright,
    That no shadow could be left hanging on,
    Our foray into the once dark bitter night,
    Would end with sounds of angelic song,

    And now I'll be sleeping soundly,
    In the horizon's rising sun,
    On the hill on which I once sadly sat,
    In this world of which I'm now one,
  13. sakira_starwolf

    sakira_starwolf New Member

    Oct 27, 2007
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    The 'Burgh

    I decided, why not? I had a poem I had just finished and it might fit in.


    Before my hand
    At an old desk sits
    Thin stripes of paper
    Bound with glue,
    Waiting to be covered.

    In a nook in a wall
    A painting peers out
    Of the blurred oak floor,
    The ash wood wall,
    The wilting green
    With a magenta bud
    Peeking out, almost
    Saying “Hello, and farewell.”

    And as I look, I feel
    The original artist
    Take a brush,
    Put it in
    My hand,
    And then
    Guide me by the knuckles
    To ink in the dulled edges
    Of leaves and floors.

    And soon
    The bud is singing,
    Singing, “Hello” –
    And it is not saying
  14. Raven

    Raven Banned

    Oct 14, 2006
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    The NetherWorld

    If we are eternal souls
    Why should we fear death
    Beings of eternity
    Expressed in the flesh

    From dust we are born
    To dust we regress
    Souls of infinity
    Expressed in the flesh

    Source of all creation
    Within your spirit lies
    Sings an eternal song
    A hymn that never dies

    From dust we are born
    To dust we regress
    Souls of infinity
    Expressed in the flesh

    Source of all creation
    Within your spirit lies
    Sings an eternal song
    A hymn that never dies

    Not created nor destroyed
    The end is not the end
    When you leave this mortal form
    Life begins again
  15. Torana

    Torana Contributor Contributor

    Mar 13, 2007
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    And so ends the last poetry contest for 2007.

    Best of luck to all who entered into this contest.

    Thank you all who entered into this final contest for this year and I hope to see you all enter the poetry contest in 2008!

    Happy New Year Everyone and ROLL ON 2008!!!!! :eek::cool::D:p
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