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    First rough draft finished. What next?

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by rhsexton, Jun 21, 2010.

    I've finished the first rough draft of a novel. I've edited it and had many thoughts on changes that should be made to it, not only for the sake of this particular story, but for further stories in the series I have many ideas for. The problem is, none of my family do much reading, my friends are all too busy to take a look at it either, and I'm scared that if I post it somewhere, it'll get stolen. What to do?
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    Try your best to convince a friend to read your draft - you need a real, honest, best friend type to give you face to face feedback.

    Bribe them if you must - but make them the person you write for in the first place, make them feel valued - they are your trusted reader.

    I like to finish what I'm writing - leave it for 6 weeks - edit it for basic errors - then turn it over to my trusted reader (my brother in my case).

    I understand your concerns over posting online: once its out there its out there! Comments that come back are often varied and you cant be sure of the credentials of those giving the advice.

    Try your best to get someone you respect to read your work for you. Don't be shy - they will probably be flattered you asked.

    Good luck,

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    Showing to friends and family for feedbacks will be of little help as has been said in this site in so many other threads. Simply because you won't get an unbiased feedback. First, you go for more edits.... posting excerpts in forums such as this will help in that. Post an excerpt and you will get the general idea of what is wrong (if there is any) in your writing which will help in your editing process. Also you should read good books in the genre you are writing with an alert eye on how the writers do their job. Then return with a fresh eye and edit edit edit.... until you feel that you can't do anything more. You can then try submitting to few publications to see how they received it or before you do that you can get professional editing help if you are still not satisfied.

    On your concern of theft: Stealing a small excerpt of your novel is not going to be of any help to the stealer.
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    Unless the individual(s) are avid readers, they probably would not be much help in what you're asking them to do. If they're not really motivated, or too busy, you're not going to get much of value out of them either.

    What you may have to do is to set your project aside for a month or two (it may sound like a long time but in the big publishing scheme of things it's not), work on something else, and then come back to it. Re-read, edit, make notes and fixes. Then, set it aside and do it again.

    In truth, you should not give someone a first draft to read. You should refine it, otherwise they will 'catch' errors you would normally catch yourself, and their focus will be on those and not the things you are not likely to notice. I say, 'not likely' because you can catch much on your own with a strong effort and attention to detail.

    You might try to find a crit partner or a crit group (in your area or online), but in the end, much of the responsibility falls directly on the writer's shoulders to get their work ready for submission.

    Good luck!


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