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    Fix Please

    Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by Leaka, Jun 17, 2014.

    I don't know if you guys are just not compatible with Opera. But please fix whatever the issue is.

    My friend who is on WF, he is on Mozilla and when replying with the quick reply button his reply comes up as he is typing.

    When I am on Opera, on the quick reply box. There is major lag. Like I can look at a blank box and my words are slowly coming up.

    Please fix? Cause I wrote long paragraph in a thread. Then accidentally highlighted, then whatever was lagging being wrote made the words disappear. The lag is annoying. Bad lag.
  2. Daniel

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    Thanks for reporting the issue. I installed Firebox and Opera and was unable to replicate either issue.

    If I can't replicate it I can't really investigate further. If other users aren't reporting it too it's most likely on your end; it sounds to me like your computer is running slow. Can you try a different device and see if you still have the issue? My best guess is your computer is low on member/disk space or have too many programs running at once.

    A few questions:

    Do you experience this problem in any other browser?
    Do you experience this problem every time you use the quick reply?
    Do you experience this problem when you do a full reply under "More Options"?
    Are you guys running the latest version of your browsers?
    Have you tried clearing your cache/cookies?

    Any other details you can provide would be helpful.

    If anyone else is experience either the issue in Opera or in Firefox please report it.
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    Also consider malware, keyboard shenanigans are one symptom.

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