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    Current Contest Flash Fiction Contest #10 - "Villains"

    Discussion in 'Monthly Flash Fiction Contest Archives' started by Lewdog, Jul 13, 2014.

    The newest and greatest Flash Fiction Contest #11 is "Villains" as chosen by @Thomas Kitchen from the prompts ideas thread. I will be getting ideas from now on from this thread in the case that I am not able to get a prompt from a previous winner in time for the next contest. Make sure to make your voice heard and drop all your prompt ideas in that thread. Please keep in mind the word limit of 150-450 words. All entries must be posted anonymously in this thread by 6:00 pm EST July 27th and make sure to include the number of words and any warnings. You can also make your entry private simply by clicking more functions before posting, and click the box that makes the post viewable by "Members Only."

    Thanks everyone and good luck!
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    Test post by someone besides the subforum mod.
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    WARNING: Profane content

    Friendly Game [475 words]

    “Say it. I want you to f*****g say it.”

    Water trickled down the rock salt crystals that shone in the glimmer of the distant moon, while damp, musk air weaved between the two.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Don’t play games with me! Don’t you make this another one of your games!”

    “I’d say you’re the one playing the game here, Liam. Buckled me tight in this cave…at your mercy…”

    Tori couldn’t help but smirk, at which Liam launched another kick in her groin. Then her chest, and finally clawing her face, bringing it into focus.

    “Why did you do it?” He hissed, “Why did you kill her?”

    Liam glanced into her hollow, evasive eyes which gave away nothing of her pain, or pleasure.

    “What does it matter? She’s dead. She’s been dead for years. Move on, Liam.”

    “Why you!” another punch in, “How could you say that?! How could you…you were, everything to me, Tori. You, and Felicity. How could you just go from being my wife to being this? Being a monster? How could you be so frigid, Tori? How could you butcher your own daughter?”

    Liam was gasping for breath between his belligerent sobbing, tightly holding to Tori. Tori’s lips wavered slightly but she remained composed, indifferent to the angst throbbing in Liam’s body. She grinned as Liam raised his head, his bloodshot, teary eyes seeking an answer.

    “You b***h. You psychotic b***h. I’m going to kill you, I’m going to f*****g kill you!”

    “About time, you’ve been trying for years now.”

    Liam gritted his teeth and snarled at her, barely keeping himself from ripping her flesh apart, but he stopped himself.

    “Not like this. I’m going to kill you, the same way you killed me. I’m going to kill Eric.”

    Tori gasped, her placid eyes awakened, crystalline tears bulging out.

    “No. No…Liam no!”

    It was Liam’s turn to smirk. He leaned in on her, breathing heavily into her face.

    “I might have grabbed a few souvenirs when I brought you here, Tori. I’ve learned, after years of chasing you, that there are things you love more than yourself.”

    “No! Liam, please!”

    She hollered, whimpering and jangling her restraints.

    “You don’t understand…he’s just a boy…dammit, Liam, a boy!”

    “She was just a girl.”

    Liam muttered callously, and then pulled over his army knife. Tori was convulsively howling, her tears blending with the salty tinge of the air. And then she shuddered briefly, before blurting: “You killed her! You killed her, Liam.”

    Liam paused, almost certain this was one of her games, her ploys.

    “You killed Felicity, the same night you killed me.” Tori waited. “I’m sorry, Liam.”

    Leaves crunched with a sliver of water in the distance. The moon glimpsed one last time in the cave.

    “Dad?” A boy’s voice. “Dad, who are you talking to? Did you find mom?”
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    Burn [436 words]

    All the answers to life lie inside this tome that I have found hidden in the depths of the dragon's lair. The entire chamber was designed to conceal and manipulate. A labyrinth of lies created by her, the dragon lady, the gatekeeper, the woman I've now locked eyes with. She's created a den of darkness. The lighting is so faint and sporadic, only the bravest soul is able to find the pockets of truth she's hidden in the shadows. I am that soul.

    She almost opens her devilish lips to speak or perhaps spit fire at me, but a war-whoop sounds from the contraption to her left. Her eyes dart to the poor creature attempting to escape with one of the gatekeeper's secrets. The dragon doesn't need to attack or growl to make the creature retreat. All she does is look at him with those mirrored eyes, eyes that reflect poisonous deceptions, eyes that eat souls. The creature abandons the answers and slinks out into the rain, free from this treacherous tomb but without any of it's secrets.

    That will not be me. I have come prepared this time. I am ready to battle the towering dragon! I pass a stack of parchment across her protective field. She tears through it with long, bloodied talons.

    “Who is Rebecca Waters?”

    “My mom.” I avoid her mirrored eyes. Instead I focus on the deadly chains that coil about her neck.

    “Do you live with her?” I look up to see a sneer set into the lines on her dragon mouth. She'd like that wouldn't she?

    “No! I rent from her.” I make a mistake and stare into her shiny eyes. In the reflection I look fragile and small. It's a deception, a delusion to distract me from the truth.

    “You need proof of residency before you can receive a library card. Your mother's name on papers is not proof. Is that a book under your arm?” I try to enshroud the tome in my garments, but it's too late. Her eyes burn into me until I can't take her poison any longer. I shove the book of secrets at her. “Thank you, Mr. Waters, now please exit my library. This isn't a homeless shelter.”

    I walk through her contraption and out into the drizzle. I'm away from those murderous eyes but also away from the answers. The sting of defeat digs it's way into my brain, but I have a new plan. I will burn down her lair and everything in it. A touch of flame and the truths of the world will finally be set free!
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    My Darker Side [191 words]

    They shot me with a tranquilizer dart, and stuffed me in the bag.

    Oh, no, it’s not your classic kidnapping, no. This is much more serious.

    This is presidential kidnapping.

    “Where is the file?!” President Letiche Antioch snarls, looking me square in the eye. I just grin in response, and snap my fingers. He falls hard into a daze, as do all his guards. Nobody can stop me.

    Untie me,” I hiss, and the guard closest to Letiche steps up, yanks a knife from his jacket, and severs the ropes binding my hands together and winding up my arms.

    I stand up, flex my fingers as if I was in an action movie from the 2000’s, and stride over to the door.

    “Shoot Letiche.” The simple command buzzes on my tongue, and I feel justified, giving President Antioch what he gave me.

    A thwick sound, and in the small of the President’s back appears a red-and-black-feathered dart—the fatal dart.

    The President, despite his glossed eyes, collapses back onto the cold, hard marble.

    I grin.

    No one, not even President Letiche Antioch, can stop me from ending the universe.
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    Worse than Poison
    [442 words]
    They shamed me in front of everyone. Taking away my title and thinking I would be satisfied with the lowly position they gave me. I was the chairperson for years that council was nothing before me, they could barely get funding for a computer. Now this was one of the best schools in the state. It was me, who raised the standards, I was the one who saved this school. What was my reward they forced me to step down, to relinquish my position. They had the nerve to give me a standing ovation, like it was an honor. I vowed then in that disgrace to have my revenge, and it would be today.

    For months I waited patiently, listening to the other parents argue about frivolous changes, while I listened waiting for an opportunity for revenge. Finally they gave it to me, the new chair laughed when I took on the role so eagerly. He probably thought a bake sale was nothing, and that he finally broke me. I didn’t see it as that I saw it as a chance at vengeance, served fresh out of the oven with a special ingredient. I’ll show them the villain that they created.

    I should have felt guilty having my daughters help, they would be accomplices now. Vengeance blinded me as I worked away in the kitchen. Stirring batter after batter, no matter what the intention was, I still had enough self-respect to make these cookies from scratch. When the final batch was baking I worked on the misleading label. I was too nervous so it took me several tries to get it just right but finally it read Chocolate Chip in a warm font on a pink piece of paper. A very inviting label that would entice the council members. It gave no hint to the true devastating ingredients inside.

    I couldn’t stop fidgeting with the platter as I waited for the council member to try it before the bake sale started.

    “These chocolate chip cookies look amazing!” the new chair said, picking one up. I can’t believe I ever married him. The rest of the council followed suit, biting into the devious treat.

    “I made sure to make them with love.” I said, doing my best not to break out with laughter.

    The choking had already started. The treasurer spit into a napkin as if that could save her. “What the-, these aren’t chocolate chip! They’re oatmeal raisin.” My husband the chair said, in disgust wiping the taste from his tongue with a napkin.

    “Oops must have labeled wrong.” I said, savoring the disgusted looks of my revenge. Nobody likes oatmeal raisin.
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    Welcome to the City [449 words]

    It was a clear, New York afternoon, and a man, mid-sixties, in a dark grey suit jogged past one cab and hopped into the back of the next. He slid himself across the back seat, exited the other door, and opened the door of another cab, waiting in traffic.

    “Hey, bub! Whatcha think you’re doing?”
    The man quickly took his jacket off, pulled a crumpled up fedora from its pocket, and said, “No need to make a fuss … hey - do I know you? From a wedding? I don’t remember.”
    He looked deep into the cabbie’s eyes through the rear view mirror, “Who knows? How’s about you listen for a second? Light’s almost green, by the way.”
    The cabbie studied the new passenger's face for a moment, then slunk back in his seat. “Yes, sir.”
    “Now,” the man said, turning to his fellow passenger, “I apologize for interrupting. Leo….” He held out his hand.
    “Um, Sophie.” She was in her mid-forties, dressed well, and those few syllables showed a slight drawl. She had shifted her weight against her door and was averting her eyes.
    Leo put on his best lower Manhattan accent, “So, Sophie, how about this? How about I pay for your ride. Where ya going?”
    “Um, I don’t know - I’m going to my daughter’s graduation.”

    Leo leaned back and down in his seat. “Oh - how nice! I remember my kids graduations. Proud moments. They did me good. Where’s she graduating? You from The City?”
    She was still wary, but began looking him in the eyes. “North Carolina. She’s graduating from the Fashion Institute.”
    “Perfect! We’ll drop you off and I’ll pay your fare… You know, my uncle was in the fashion business. More of the financial side. It’s a good business - I’m sure your daughter’ll do well for you.”
    Reaching the college, Leo stepped out and held the door for Sophie.
    “Thank you, Leo. You’ve definitely made my day interesting.”
    “My pleasure!” As Sophie began walking away, Leo called out, “Welcome To New York!”
    Leo closed the door and turned to the cabbie, smiling. “Tourists - gotta love em. Now...” Leo slid a few bills out of his billfold. “...thank you for being patient. This should cover any inconvenience and then some. Now, take me to Times Square.”
    Leo reached his hand through the open window between the cabbie the back seat, clasping his hand hard against the cabbie’s shoulder. The cabbie could see Leo’s eyes in the mirror - hard and cold - as Leo said, “And, yes - I do remember you … though I’m sure you don’t remember me, right.”
    “Yes, sir.”

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