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    Past Contest Flash Fiction Contest #14- "Animals"

    Discussion in 'Monthly Flash Fiction Contest Archives' started by Lewdog, Oct 7, 2014.

    The newest and greatest Flash Fiction Contest #14 is "Animals" as chosen by previous winner @Patra Felino . Please keep in mind the word limit of 150-450 words. All entries must be posted anonymously in this thread by 6:00 pm EST October 26th (extended to three weeks) and make sure to include the number of words and any warnings. You can also make your entry private simply by clicking more functions before posting, and click the box that makes the post viewable by "Members Only."

    Thanks everyone and good luck!
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    The Divorce
    261 words

    “Andrew, I’ve decided to leave you. I want a divorce,” said Dee.
    “No,” replied Andrew.
    “You don’t get a say in this. You’re always trying to control me. I need my freedom. I’m going to stay with my sister.” Dee already had her suitcase packed. She left through the front door.

    Andrew sat under the rear porch considering what had just happened. Dee was Andrew’s reason for living. That’s when he spotted a brown snake wriggling across the lawn.

    Andrew picked up the shovel from in his shed and went back out to the snake. He cut the snake in half in one stab. As Andrew began to turn away, he noticed that at a moderate speed, the head end of the sliced snake was growing a tail and the tail end was regenerating its own head.

    Andrew fired up the wood chipper in his shed. Outside, he grasped both brown snakes by the neck, went back into the shed and fed them into the chipper. Little chunks came out the other end. Slowly, though, each little bit grew its own head and a tale and began writhing its body toward Andrew. Andrew turned around. By the lawnmower was a jerry can full of petrol. Andrew poured the petrol over the thousand little snakes and used his red lighter to ignite the fire. He ran outside the shed and watched as it burned.

    Andrew at that moment decided that Dee wouldn’t be his priority any more. His priority would be his survival. A piece of snakeskin ash fell on Andrew’s shoulder.
  3. Michael R. Kage

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    A different kind of animal.
    475 words

    It was Sunday and Sunday was his day. Jake Leroy woke up with a big smile plastered all over his face. His wife was out of town, his daughter was at a slumber party and he had finished grading papers the day before.

    This day was his and his alone and he got to spend it doing what he loved, tending to the manicured garden at the back of the house. No more colleagues or snooty teens to darken his mood.

    It had been a particularly hard week, he mused while hastily brushing his teeth. He recollected a particularly bitter moment when he had to fail the Powell’s kid, his next door neighbors.

    Scott Powell seemed like a serious teenager at the start of the school year. Jake was at the time, silently glad for that. Never before had he failed a student who had parents he knew personally. But Scott had gotten involved with a bad crowd during the last semester and his grades showed it. No doubt some motorcycle gang, Jake thought while hastily donning his overalls, he’d seen Scott tinker with it, time Scott should have spent studying.

    A pang of guilt crossed his mind as he remembered the sharp looks the Powells’s gave him during the Friday neighborhood watch meeting. Maybe he could have helped the kid somehow, he thought. Thinking about Scott and his loud motorcycle, gave him pause for a moment, he had heard it last night. He shrugged and forced any feeling of guilt or blame to flee his mind, there was nothing he could do on a Sunday about Scott anyway, and made his way downstairs.

    With a quick bite from a stale doughnut and a sip of yesterday’s coffee, Jake was ready for his prize winning garden.

    He opened the back door and just as he was ready to take his first step inside the garden, Jake stopped. A sharp chill stunned his senses. His mouth was hanging wide open and panic glistened in his eyes.

    Dark brown swaths of loamy soil crisscrossed the crisp green of the lawn. Perfectly cut thickets hung ragged and torn, leaves scattered and rustling in the scant morning wind. His prized pond had its painstakingly arranged rockery was full of debris, its clear waters smeared and dirty.

    By the time the picture finally settled in his mind his face was pale and drained. I know who did this, Jake thought, feeling a surge of blood rush through his white knuckles.

    “Animals!” he tried to yell, but it came out as little more than a hoarse whisper.

    Feeling his blood pumping back in anger, Jake turned around with a swift step and raced inside slamming the door behind him. There was something he could do about Scott on a Sunday after all.

    Ten minutes later sirens were howling in the distance.
  4. Sifunkle

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    I Love Animals
    462 words
    Adult themes, coarse language, sexual references

    The quiet hills draw my gaze through the window as I tuck the last empty box away. City life had its moments, but eventually the neon felt as grey as the concrete. Hopefully it’s nicer here.
    Digby’s loving the back paddock, sprinting between patches of long grass. Without his white markings, his joyful bunny chase would be impossible to follow in the fading light. Maybe he won’t even notice my absence tomorrow.

    “I never had the brains. And six years at uni? Yikes. You must love animals!”
    I’m straight into consults on my first day. Vacc, arthritis, itchy, vacc: all easy enough. My last appointment is an old cat euth.
    I explain to the boy that when we love an animal, sometimes it’s kindest to end their suffering. The green fluid clouds with blood before I empty the syringe. It’s a gentle one, but the kid still loses his shit when he leaves the room without Cinnamon.
    Digby’s asleep as soon as he touches his bed. I envy him.

    I’m rusty with farm animals, so on Tuesday I help my boss fertility test bulls. One fails: scrotal mange – tadpoles ain’t swimming.
    “This one finds employment at McDonalds,” Boss quips. The farmer grunts. We’ve both heard that one before.
    Haven’t got my TV working yet, but the internet’s going. Brad posts a photo on Facebook. I Like it, tell him he’s looking fine and ask how he’s been.
    lol thanx,’ he responds.

    Wednesday brings a giant tumour, poodle attached.
    “It came up two days ago.” Mrs Farman checks her iPhone, as if to confirm.
    “I can’t afford expensive tests,” she vetoes me.
    “You’re not killing Gabriel! My baby! Just cut the lump off!”
    ...Okay, settle... Friendly. Perky. Supportive. ...I can give it a shot.
    The operation takes ages, but I’m on call anyway.

    I don’t bring lunch on Thursday. No point, won’t get a break.
    Gabriel goes home, not looking fantastic.
    At least I’m right about one thing today.
    On call again. It’s a long night. Digby’s unimpressed.

    Friday. Closing time: emergency pyometra.
    May I remove Roxy’s pus-filled uterus? Yes? Good. Would you like your other bitch spayed? No? I see.
    No time to cook if I want sleep, and I really, really do. McDonalds saves me.

    Saturday. Roxy's doing okay. Gabriel died. Fuck. Really regret putting him through surgery. Mrs Farman’s outraged. Oh well.
    Finish on time for once. And I’ve got tomorrow off. I lie in bed and rub one out. Feels good, for a little while anyway. Sometimes you have to love yourself.

    On the seventh day I rest: blissfully, peacefully sleeping, all day. Poor Digby will be hungry for a long time. His frantic scrabbling dislodges my IV line early on, but I keep dreaming my green dreams.
  5. Jovon Green

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    Animals: The Earth.
    (169 words)

    "Time to hunt my children." said the Earth.

    "Hunt what" said all the spiders on Earth?

    "All of man kind." said the Earth.

    "Why?" said all the spiders on Earth?


    "We know yet we are but spiders and the can kill us so easy." said all the spiders on Earth.

    "Do you want a home or a lifeless dead earth?" said the Earth.

    "Fine we will do as you ask on one condition, for the price you ask is high." said all the spiders of the Earth.

    "What condition do you ask? I will pay it." said the Earth.

    "You must take all the pain and suffering they endure with each death we accomplish." said all the spiders of the Earth.

    " I am the earth I will accept your terms." said the Earth.

    In an instant every spider of ever species of the Earth over ran man and killed them all in the space of one minute. In that instant the Earth cried to the Sky in sadness and dispair and the price it paid to save it's own life. Yet the Sky got angry and hit the Earth with a meteor so big it crushed the Earth to dust. Thinking to it's self the Sky in it's despair faded from time itself.
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    The Hedgehog
    (211 words)

    “Why is there a hedgehog sleeping on my car keys?”

    Lia asked as calmly as possible as she stared at the snoring creature on her kitchen bench, seemingly unfazed by the frankly, uncomfortable bed which it lay on.

    “I swear, I can explain!”

    Cameron was quick to reassure her, but honestly, she was done. Cameron was intent on turning her home into some kind of townhouse for injured, scared or ‘cute’ animals no matter how much she protested. She could handle the puppy, the cat was a breeze, hell even the llama was fine but a hedgehog? She has to live with a psychopath living downstairs (she doesn’t care what anyone says, that guy is bloody creepy), a kleptomaniac with a habit of stealing wildlife for a best friend (yes, friend not roommate; friend! She doesn’t even live here) and now a walking cactus booby-trapping her home.

    “You know what; no I don’t even want to hear it”

    And with that she turned and without looking back she made her way through the house and out the door. Only when she was halfway down the street did she realise the mistake she had made but she shrugged it off, the hedgehog would just have to become acquainted with Felix the ferret.
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    Kitty (470 words)

    "Come, kitty-kitty!"

    Oh, yes. And then you will inject me with drugs and cut my scull wide open and fuck up with my brain again.

    "Come, you're so pretty. Do you know how pretty you are?"

    Nice of you to say. Well, sorry to break it to you, but after all the times you sliced and sewed me back up I look like Frankenstein's monster. I've got more holes than a sieve and more patches than a beggar's trousers.

    "Come, honey. I've got a gift for you"

    Of course my fair lady! I know very well what gifts you give when your voice becomes this cute. But guess what, today I have a gift for you too. You thought that I was idle yesterday, when you left me alone for two hours to check your facebook and complain about your thesis write-up not progressing? Well, I would have told you that chatting with your friends all day is definitely not the way to go, but I can't speak. And you wouldn't expect me to. I am just a cute, harmless kitty. "Poor kitty" you say when you chop my meats, and then you pretend to be sad and tell your friends how sorry you are about the sacrifices that must be made to save lives.

    Chop, chop, chop!

    Poor kitty…

    Chop, chop, chop!

    I wish you wouldn't have to feel this pain…

    Then how about stop chopping me, you freaking lunatic!

    Oh, but I can see it now; the look of worry in your eyes. I can smell your fear as the fire alarm goes off and you walk to the door, trying to figure out what's going on. And as you stand under the ventilation grill, I can feel my back hair lifting with excitement. It won't be long now, until the slow combustion chemical mix, I put in the shafts, ignites.

    You thought I couldn't do it, because I haven't got retractable thumbs? How foolish!

    I try to narrow my eyes and look smiley, as it explodes and you're enveloped in a plume of flame and smoke, like a demented firework. I want to make you realize that it was me who fucked you up, but I can't stop thinking how silly you look as you flap your arms frantically and scream.

    I should be running past you now, climbing down the stairs before they burn, and escaping through the garbage shoot at the second floor, but I can't move an inch. All I can think of is that I wish you had sliced me one more time and modified my lips.

    So I could climb on the bench and look straight into your melting face and tell you with my cutest voice.

    Hey honey, you're so pretty when you burn! Do you know how pretty you are?
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