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    Contest Winner! Flash Fiction Contest #19 - "Alone", Well Done Sam Mills!

    Discussion in 'Monthly Flash Fiction Contest Archives' started by Lilly James Haro, Mar 21, 2015.

    Let’s all say congratulations to the newest winner of the Flash Fiction Contest, @Sam Mills who wrote the entry, Alone. Well Done! Also congratulations to @Lancie who wrote the second place entry: Malfunction. Thank you to all who entered and all who read the entries and voted, we wouldn’t be able to hold these contests without you guys!

    @Wreybies, if you could please present the medal :)
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    Congratulations! Nice take on future robots.
    Alone [410]

    It’s so quiet. It still seems strange, even after all this time—three years, seventeen hours, and thirty-two minutes to be exact. I still keep the time. Should I not?

    Most of them were sucked out into the void when the asteroid tore the hole in the ship, but some still remain. The expressions of terror are still carved on their faces—their frozen bodies have been kept from decaying.

    I continue to make repairs on the ship. The vessel is beyond repair, but I do it anyway. It is what I was programed to do. Everything must have a purpose, and this is mine. I have no reservations about the task ahead of me.

    At my current energy usage I postulate that I have ten years, two-hundred and seventy days, six hours, and two minutes of power remaining—that estimate should be accurate to within one minute. I am very precise. When that time comes, I will be as one of these—forever condemned to drift aimlessly inside this steel tomb.

    Since I will be unable to complete my task, I have been forced to prioritize which components of the ship should be repaired first. Besides the large hole in the fuselage, critical damage has been sustained by the bridge, engineering, and the life support systems.

    Logically, it makes sense for me to repair engineering first, and so that is where I have begun. As there is no longer any life aboard the ship, there is no immediate need to repair life support systems. There is also no immediate need for the bridge; I am programed to repair the ship, not fly it.

    Three years, seventeen hours, and thirty-three minutes. I have often heard them remark that the time moved faster or slower depending on their mood or activity level. I have never seen such a fluctuation in time. One minute is always exactly sixty seconds, just as one hour is always exactly sixty minutes.

    They would probably laugh at me if I told them that. They would say that I did not understand. I did not understand many of their jokes and colloquialisms. How could I? It is not in my programing.

    The silence is uncanny. It seems odd that I no longer talk to them. It is not right for the sound of voices to be absent from these passageways. I think I might be…lonely?

    Three years, seventeen hours, and thirty-four minutes.

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