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    Forever Odd by Dean Koontz

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by ivy_moon, Jul 22, 2006.

    I've always been a huge fan of Koontz. I love his style of writing, which shows an immense amount of research on the topics at hand in all of his works.

    "Forever Odd" is a classic example of how Koontz manages to take a supernatural/paranormal experience and lay it out before the reader in a way that makes it seem not only possible but quite believable.

    This book is actually a sequel to his book "Odd Thomas", which I also loved. The character, Odd Thomas is extremely well-rounded and the reader is swept into his life. Odd is able to see the spirits of the deceased, who frequently come to him for help in matters of urgency; usually in regards to their surviving family members. Odd clearly is not in favor of his ability to see these spirits, or his ability to "find" people using a seemingly ESP-ish ability, however, Odd is aware that with ability comes responsibility.

    Both "Odd Thomas" and "Forever Odd" are written in a way that allows for even the skeptical person to "believe" in the possibilities of Odd's powers.

    "Forever Odd" is a great example of Koontz's writing ability and I would recommend it to the seasoned Koontz reader as well as those who have not read any of his work.

    Koontz even manages to introduce the spirit of Elvis Presley as one of his characters without being cliche!

    If you haven't yet read "Forever Odd", I would recommend reading "Odd Thomas" first, however, this is not necessary, as Koontz is able to incorporate many of the important happenings of the first book into this sequel.

    It was a front-to-back thrilling read that didn't take very long to get through... at the expense of sounding cliche myself... it was a real "page turner".;)

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