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    Free Spirits: Last Chapter of War

    Discussion in 'Archive' started by Leaka, Sep 8, 2008.

    Free Spirits: Last Chapters of War
    The void has created us and had told us what to do ever since we were young. The void is our voice and the void is our mother and father.
    The void had given us one duty and that one duty was to protect it.
    Now the Arachnoid have come to use the void for there own creation. What will happen to us? It rings in our heads together at once.
    Then the void tells us protect ourselves and that is what started this battle.
    All right Free Spirits: Last Chapters of war is basically about these people who born off of the edges of the universe, the Void as its known. These people are known as the species, Free Spirits. Arachnoid are humans in mecha suits, kinda like Gundamn suits, they want to use the Void for a new creation so that way they can wipe out all there wrong doing and corruption. The Void has a bit of its own subconscious and it understands what the Arachnoids are trying to complete. As a child from the void, the void tells you to protect it and to protect yourself. If the void is used by another species your species is wiped out. This war for the Free Spirits, is simply survival.
    All Free Spirits have the ability to fly, hover, and float in space. You are most likely floating or hovering when you are in the spaceship. The spaceship is a relict the void created you.
    What you will require is a character sheet that looks like this:
    Name: (what is your characters name?)
    Age: (How old is your character) [I liked a variety of ages from teens to adults to even eldelry adults if you want]
    Height/ Weight: (How tall is your character and how much do they weigh)
    Appearance: (What do they look like?)
    Personality: (How do they act?)
    Abilities: (Can they freeze entire planets or can they create lazer beams?)
    History: (What is your characters background)
    Who are the Arachnoid? And Why are they fighting?:
    The Arachnoid is the enemy, but who are they and why are they fighting? The Arachnoid is the name of their ships and the people piloting these ships are human. And what do all humans want? They want to conquer new land and become the ruler of that land. They know about the powers of the void to create new planets, it is the function of the void for many years, and now the humans want that power all to themselves. What they don't understand is that their actions may destroy a whole entire galaxy just to create them a new galaxy.
    Who are the Free Spirits? And Why are they Fighting?:
    Because they are from the void they are known as Free Spirits, but all Free Spirits are is aliens created from the void, well the very first in ancient culture, but after a while Free Spirits could reproduce,there was only one born from inside the actually void and that is the void child. The Free Spirits are not fighting this war. They are protecting the void and fighting because the void told them to defend themselves.
    They believe they are using self defense to protect the Void and its physical form.
    My Characters:

    Name: Void Child [known as Atlas]
    Age: 16
    Height/ Weight: N/A
    Appearance: http://i415.photobucket.com/albums/pp235/Tom_Pickle/paintball.jpg?t=1221675470
    Personality: Innocent, calm, gentle, kind
    Abilities: The voice of the void
    History: The void child is the one and only child born in a thousand years that speaks for the void. The void child is not revered as a god or is worshiped as a god.
    The void child is just a voice, a voice of the one who created them.

    Name: Karas
    Age: 18
    Height/ Weight: 5'3", 110 pounds
    Appearance: http://i415.photobucket.com/albums/pp235/Tom_Pickle/scarf.jpg?t=1221675487
    Personality: Calm, speaks only when necessary, patient
    Abilities: Creates energy orbs
    History: Karas is one of the seven prodigies of the colony of Free Spirits. Even though being so young Karas understood the ways of battle.

    You may be an Arachnoid if you want, but be aware that you won't be able to go on from there. Since your species will die.
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    Game Open.
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    On a plane filled with Motherf**king Snakes.
    hmmm. im going to plant my flag in the dirt and think long and hard about a character.
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    Maryland, United States
    Name: Necros
    Age: 25
    Height/ Weight: 5'11/170 lbs.
    Appearance: Shoulder-length black hair, with one streak of blue. Pale skin and yellow eyes. Small scar/cut on his chin.
    Personality: Sarcastic, rude, and yet somewhat charming. Often keeps to himself.
    Abilities: He can manipulate emotions; such as increasing fear in others or decreasing their happiness. Can also manipulate physical darkness.
    History: (What is your characters background) Will update this later.
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    England, UK
    Name: Kalamatine
    Age: 22
    Height/ Weight: 5’7, so quite tall. Slender but muscular build.
    Appearance: She has pale white hair with strands of silver. It is cut in a crop shape that frames her heart shaped face. She has pale skin, with pinkish cheeks. Her eyes are purple.
    Personality: She is polite and courteous to everyone on the first meeting, but quick to judge and very proud.
    Abilities: She is abnormally fast.
    History: It is her job to guard the Void Child, Atlas, and has been since she was 18.
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    Phoenix, Arizona.
    Name: Nameo
    Age: 37
    Height/ Weight: 6'1", weighs about 185 pounds
    Appearance: Fairly muscular, well build and strong. He has long black hair and a goatee. Rough skin, sort of a grisled old man.
    Personality: Believes in honor above all else. Kind to those he considers friends, hostile to strangers and enemies.
    Abilities: Incredibly strong. Can speak with the dead to discover more of the past.
    History: Ever since his birth, Nameo has been a strong and powerful character in the Free Spirits. Nameo became a soldier and now leads a small band of Free Spirits in the defense of the Void against all dangers.
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    Name: War
    Age: 10
    Height/ Weight: 4 feet 5 inches / 35kg
    Appearance: He wears a long cape and a black martial arts uniform. His Golden hair are up like spikes and Golden in colour. He is surrounded by a golden aura. Occasional sparks fly from his body. He has a bit of muscles.
    Personality: He is a small kid with enormous potential. He is the heir to the Eternal Army. He is kind and hates evil.
    Abilities: He has mastered every weapon. His Elementian blood gives him the control of every element. He imbumes the power of his elements with his weapons to gain super natural powers. He is skilful in hand-to-hand combat as well magic combats.
    History: At the time he was 7 all the Elementians were murdered by the Unknown. He being the only remaining Elemential is the heir to the Eternal Army. He was weak when he was 7 but the thought of revenge made him work hard. He mastered every weapon in 7 days and gained the power of combining Mental and Physical Energy to create powerful energy which when combined with a weapon and an element gained ultra-great powers. He even learned how to combine every element to form the Eternal Power. He succeeded doing so at 9. And then the Eternal Army agreed to make him the heir. He was still milestones behind the Unknown who had found all the powerful artefacts. At his 10th birthday the void brought him to it's galaxy and told him that he was a Half-Elementian. The void told him that he was making him but War was attacked by the Archanoids and to save him he sent him half-built to the Elementian Galaxy where he would be born. Void had recalled War so that he may protect the void. Void tells him that he has enormous potential but in this realm his power has been decreased. He now posseses only a hundredth of his power.
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