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    Freelancing advice from F. deBoer

    Discussion in 'Self-Publishing' started by BayView, Jun 20, 2016.

    I'm not always in agreement with what he writes, but he IS a professional writer, more-or-less making a living at it, so I'm interested in what he says about the business.

    This applies mostly to non-fiction writers, but may be of interest to novelists as well.


    Personal favourite points?

    Should you write for free? You should not. - details in article.

    Two great sins in editing, in my experience: the editor that knows too well what s/he wants and the editor who has no idea what s/he wants. - details in article

    Nothing you can learn from a list of writing tips can help you. Everyone has the same list. Everyone is hearing the same advice. They’re all earnestly applying that advice. The problems that advice is meant to solve endure. That’s because you can’t actually solve those problems with static advice. - details, you guessed it, in article

    To develop style, write obsessively. Publish obsessively. Solicit feedback obsessively. Over and over again. Like playing a musical instrument, it’s an iterative process: performance, self- and external evaluation, adjustment, repetition.​
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    Thank you for sharing this. I came to the forum today to ask if anyone was a freelancer, and get some input and possibly advice.

    "They’re going to call you pretentious anyway, so you might as well take yourself and your work seriously even while everything seems to tell you not to."
    Love this!
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