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    Gannon and Justjoshinbyj - Joint Poetry Contest (89) Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Jul 31, 2009.

    This week's theme was The Mind of a Poet.

    Think Again
    By Gannon

    Diving real pearls from a dry-docked vessel
    in some keyless footnote to the horror world,
    they look for that light-bulb (locked chest of cliché):
    seeing it all from a willing quill unfurled,
    dear reader, we present the ensuing mêlée.

    Shuffling the long graffiti streets of Earth,
    in some cloud capp'd realm of NYC feet,
    the poets can be that which they truly are:
    easy towering leaps, then cold, cold defeat
    in that space so near, so unattainably far.


    I Am a Poem
    By Justjoshinbyj

    I am a poem
    written quickly
    in the margin of a menu,
    malleable, hot, a spark,
    beginning sparse,
    a splash of color in the dark
    formed into awkward jutting consonants
    and gritty syllables.

    I’m primal, unrefined,
    repeating the mistakes of my ancestors
    and skirting clichés about immortality
    but stumbling onto subtle truths and
    all so suddenly breaking out into an archaic rhythm.

    I’m faint, quiet, but firm,
    out of excessive lines and silly metaphors I pull
    a grain of profound understanding from
    the depths of the past, shining between
    shadows of understated importance and
    clear crimson blades thrown skyward in plea.

    I’m obliquely aware of my purpose.
    I intend to end in a grand conclusion,
    linking novae to death, and solace to insanity,
    and all the smaller things that so quietly augment life,
    but really I end below
    in that great white silence at the bottom of the page.
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    Nice going you two. Congratulations. :)
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  3. Palmer

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    This may be delayed gratification, but better late than never. :] Congrats guys, they're both breathtaking poems.
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