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    Gas Station Shift Change

    Discussion in 'Research' started by LMThomas, Oct 28, 2016.


    Has anyone worked at a small gas station? I was wondering if someone could walk me through what you have to do? Measure the gas? Take inventory? Count change drawer, etc?
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    I worked at one for about 7 months. It was only part time. When I was there, I did a lot of stocking in the convenience store part. Then when cigarettes came in, we had to do full inventory on those (big sellers in gas stations, obviously). We would have to put them all away before doing anything else. We would also do inventory on lottery tickets to make sure nobody was taking them. I would count my drawer at the beginning of each shift. Then management would take it at the end to balance it. We never did much with the gas. We would hit buttons on the computer to allow the gas to start pumping. If they were paying inside, we would talk through the speakers to thank them for stopping and that we would see them inside. Occasionally, we'd have to go out and help someone who either didn't know how to work the pump or was disabled. It felt more like a retail job than anything.
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