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    Genre Shotgun (Short Story Collection)

    Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by TWErvin2, Mar 8, 2015.

    When the rights of the my previously published short stories had reverted back to me, my publisher gathered them into a short story collection titled Genre Shotgun.

    It's a wide ranging collection as far as genres go, but each story ponders a question, and most offer a twist or two.

    Here is the what the collection contains:

    The Scene of My Second Murder --what lengths will a man go to for forgiveness
    Skull Face Returns --often there is a nugget of truth to even the most horrific stories
    The Candy Bar Game --sometimes there are pretenders, those without honor

    Science Fiction:
    Accelerated Justice --a hardworking man caught up in an amoral justice system
    Seconds of Eternity --humanity's twilight and a veteran fighter pilot's desperate sacrifice
    Tethered in Purgatory --a cryogenically frozen man's soul, trapped inches from paradise
    Vegetable Matters --what will a loving father do for his offspring
    The Exchange Box --the consequences of poor choices

    It Was a Mistake --when should someone take responsibility for their actions
    Even Zero Can Add Up to Something --even nothing can have positive impact
    The Last Meeting --what are the consequence of apathy

    Drug Dogs --sometimes those you trust, shouldn't be trusted
    Fictional History --
    accurate history requires careful study, vigilance and integrity


    Links (to my website) offering information on:
    --What Others are Saying
    --Where Available (print, ebook, and audio)
    --WritingForums.org Bookstore
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