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    getting help and sharing ideas . . .

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by mcostas, Jan 20, 2011.

    . . . scares me because I want the ideas and style to be my own. And I don't want anyone to steal my awesome idea for a sci fi novel. :D

    How does one go about seeking and using this help? I have a general synopsis about the story (it's historical sci fi) and have written a couple scenes. I still have a few loose ends to resolve and I have situations with differant options and directions to go in.

    How much should I reveal? How much of others help should I use? I'm obviously non-published, I have never finished any of my other bright ideas. This latest one is so awesome it really makes me want to see it through to the end.
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    These forums are one good way to start. And, don't worry about someone stealing your idea, that never really happens. Ideas are personal things, and what is a great idea for you isn't going to resonate in another writer the same way. She'll have her own ideas which are great ones for her.

    Most of the advice you will get will be terms of options rather than "You should write it like this . . ." so if you get the help you are looking for you can be sure the words will be your own. I'd suggest skimming through some of the older threads and see how it works. That might make you feel more comfortable.

    Good luck with your book.
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    I have a much more awesome set of stories some of which are actually written so no need to steal your ideas. Its not like I could rewrite an identical book anyway. I like sharing my stories that is why I write.

    You have to decide where you own comfortzone is - I am not precious about taking inspiration or asking for ideas, other people are it has to be entirely their own work. By the time my second novel is finished I think half of writing forums will need an acknowledgement :)
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    While learning, it's not about writing a great book, it's about becoming a great author.

    I recommend getting advice unless you have a million dollar idea, which is very very unlikely.
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    Trust me - my ideas are MUCH more awesome than yours. ;)

    Seriously, though, it's very easy to get so hung up on such things that it triggers block. Already, it's affecting your ability to talk to other writers.

    Consider the following:
    A) Most will not be interested in using your idea.
    B) Of the few who would be interested, most will be too busy with their own ideas.
    C) Of the very few remaining who do want to pursue it, most will not take the idea past an outline - much less a complete work.
    D) On the very odd chance that one or two people do so, none will create a work that reads anything like what you create.

    Now, to your questions:

    Depends on the issue. "Two characters have similar names - are they too similar?" needs less info than "I'm not sure my character would do this, but it would make the plot much easier to write - thoughts?" needs.

    Whatever works. Certainly, at least consider what others say. All the same, it's your call to heed it or ignore it.

    Good luck with your project. This is a nice site for writers to get advice/socialize/vent.

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