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    "Getting into" your story

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by clockwise, Apr 16, 2011.

    So I've been working on a picture book, but life stuff got in the way. Now I've come back to it, only to find that I'm not getting as excited about it as I once was. I still have my ideas, but the enthusiasm isn't there.

    My question is, what do you do when it seems like you've lost your passion for the story you're writing? How do you get back into something where you still like the idea and are interested in all its possibilities, but aren't feeling the burst of inspiration to write and develop it more?
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    Under your bed.
    I look for things that will inspire me. Watch some Anime, read a book.
    Why not pick up a picture book and just look at it for fun? Take some photos..ect
    But the 'honey moon stage' will eventually pass for every writer. It's normal not be excited about your story after about 6-7 months me thinks. Especially after you finish the first draft..
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    I did not get into my story as much as my story got into me. I was a big man on Cell Block "H" before I started to hear the voices of my characters.My problem is reverse I am so into the story I rarely take rec out in the yard anymore
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    For me writing is about having fun, enjoying it, going on adventure. Characters are like friends - and for me they are what pull me back to the story. I feel like I am playing with my friends and its just fun.

    OOH I wonder when my honeymoon stage will end - think one advantage of being a fast writer is I don't get bored - I move on to the next stage a new story, new book, new idea. I also love nearly every stage of writing - The only bit I don't like oddly is starting a new project with new characters I have to get used to - it feels a bit like being a stranger at a party where everyone else has met before. That might be where you are at because you are getting back into it - give yourself time to get reacquainted like you would with someone you haven't seen in a long time.

    My blogs and websites really help keep up with old characters and add new stories.
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    I disagree completely. It's taken me about that long to write the novel I'm just finishing off right now, and though I've had some awful blocked patches, for the most part I've looked at every new part with a "wheeee! I get to write this now!"... (incidentally, to your "finish the first draft point - this is at least the 5th draft of the novel, hence knowing what comes next and being so excited to write it. The story still excites me, and I'm still thinking about it a lot of my time when I'm away from the screen)

    I wouldn't *want* to write a novel where I just looked at it with a blank expression when starting writing. If there's no will to write it then you shouldn't be, or else you're just hammering out words to fill a quota with no joy or care. And no one else will be excited about it either.

    With the blocked parts, it's best to remember where they were, and make sure they're edited with a lot more care. I find the best part of anyone's novel was the bit where they were super excited, and it shows. All you really need to do is fix up grammar boo-boos and typos. The parts where people struggled are riddled with errors since it took several sittings, the heart wasn't in it, and the effort was just forcing the way through, rather than weaving something good. If you are forcing out the end of all your novels after the halfway point, there's a real problem there.

    So in reply to the OP:

    I don't have that. If I don't like a story I drop it, and wait for a new idea for it to spur me to pick it up again, and write while I'm excited. But if I'm into an idea I will be psyched about it for as long as it takes to write it. :)
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    A place with no future
    my oldest story makes me obsessed about it every time I start rewriting it. Something that almost never happens with the newer ones, to be honest. But maybe it's because I planted the seed to this particular story when I was about 14 so I have been living with it for quite some time, and the characters are almost like family to me, lol. When i'm working with it im constantly daydreaming about it and picturing scenes before me. I think it will never end actually because that would be such a sad day if I had to put a "the end" on it.

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