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    Getting stuck on finding the "perfect" story

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Ben414, Jul 10, 2014.

    Do any of you get stuck because you don't want to start until you find the "perfect" story to build upon? I'm currently experiencing this.

    I can't seem to find a starting point that I find acceptable, and I have this notion that I will discover a better story later after I have already wasted my time on a lesser story. I've tried the 'start writing anyway' method, but I keep getting stuck in short order because I don't have any themes, motifs, symbolism, or additional plot to guide my writing.
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    I think that I have the complete opposite problem.

    I start writing pretty much any idea that pops into my head and sticks long enough to interest me, and as soon as I think of something else I abandon the previous idea to start the new one. I have piles and piles of these started stories.

    The fact that I've made it 28K words into my current WIP is pretty much a miracle. I'm trying really, really hard to finish this one.
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    A writer has hundreds of stories brewing in them, and he will have to write them one at a time as they come.
    There's no such thing as a "lesser" story. Maybe it's not your magnum opus or a novel, just a little magazine story, but it's a story and your job is to create it and publish it.
    Write what you have and write as much as you can. You'll have a repertoire to be proud of someday even if you feel silly about some of your earlier work.
    Everyone feels their first steps are embarrassing in years of hindsight experience.

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