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    Going to a Pitch Conference

    Discussion in 'Marketing' started by DueNorth, Feb 11, 2018.

    I have signed up for a "Pitch Conference" in my home city in April 2018 where I hope to make some progress in getting CROSSING NORGOOD CREEK read. In addition to workshops on how to query and pitch, the conference fee includes 3 appointments with agents. Each participant is able to choose between 18 agents. I am currently in the process of researching my options--some are obviously not a fit for me because they are looking for YA, nonfiction, women's fiction, etc. Anyway, I'm starting to work on my Pitch (and to re-write my query). I had started sending out queries, sent out about 20 in November, got rejections and no replies, and then decided to sign up for this conference and wait until after before sending out any further queries. (I'm now re-thinking my query--also wondering if I need to re-write my first ten pages, but that's another post.) I'm looking for good resources regarding developing a strong Pitch, and also any tips from those who have participated in Pitch conferences like this. thanks.

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