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    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by T.Cook, Feb 16, 2016.

    I'm sitting here eating a sandwich trying to think about what I want to say. as I'm sure this happens to most aspiring writers. If you could only hear the conversation going on in my head I'm sure you would be laughing or thinking what is wrong with this person!. I assure you I'm just trying to break the ice!.

    Ok so now that we are past that whole fun rambling! here is a bit about me.

    My name is Timothy A. Cook. I have a very active and vivid imagination. I love telling people about my ideas, dreams, and what I want to accomplish. It has been my dream for over Ten years to write a fantasy and science fiction novel. I have started so many times I have lost count but, I can't seem to finish what I started. I'm here hoping I can take my ideas and finally finish my dream. I welcome all the advice I can get and hope that one day I will produce a novel that people will love.

    I would like to take the chance to tell you about my life and what really influenced me to start writing. Ever since i was little i have been telling stories (or Lies) about what happened through out my day. I have been a hero, a villain, a friend, a lover, and so many more. one thing was always clear, my stories were always epic. I would swing from ladders, jump off of mountains, catch people in midair and steal the heart of any girl who caught my eye and all of that would happen before lunch. now granted, I was only six or seven at the time!. (Do i even need a period after ! when ending a sentence?) *shrug*

    Dragonlance! I love the way that sounds! and it's really what started my need to write things down. I'm an avid computer gamer and one of my favorite games is Neverwinter Nights. I would make characters and roleplay the hell out of them until I couldn't do it any longer. I made friends, enemies, fell in love! Oh!, such good times! It was here that I developed my favorite Characters. you might be asking whats the connection between Dragonlance and Neverwinter Nights? well, I'll tell you. I played on a Dragonlance Server that was built using the Neverwinter Nights game. the server was a roleplay server. meaning you acted as the character you were playing. for instance, I played an elf Named Orophin Darkwood. a tall, skinny, assasin, who loves good music and who has a soft spot for children.

    It's these characters that I played whose legacy I want to put into a full novel. I want to tell about their lives, who they were, why that do what they do! I plan to take every character I ever played and mold them into a whole new world (I totally just sang that), My world.

    Sorry for all the rambling. and have a most wonderful day!
    Tim Cook
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    Hi Tim, and welcome to the forum! :) Love your intro! Sounds like you're a storyteller, indeed. ;)

    Here's our New Member Quick Start to get you started. See you around!


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