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    Sep 18, 2018
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    Grosvenor House Publishing

    Discussion in 'The Art of Critique' started by Helen Bland, Sep 18, 2018.

    l wondered if anyone has used this company if so are they reputable? l have just finished writing my new novel and need a new publisher as my current one is unwell.
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    Sep 30, 2015
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    @Helen Bland, first, congratulations on what looks like a second novel. Or more? Anyway, congratulations!

    I looked at the GHP website to see what you get for 795 pounds and answer is not much. All of what they offer is free on Createspace/KDP.

    They do interior layout and if you are challenged by that, you might have to pay someone to do it, but not more than $100 US. Createspace interior templates are easy to use, and have excellent telephone tech support. The templates, based on your paper choice and book size, are in editable Word, so you can change them anytime you like... I have changed mine about five or six times, as I caught post pub typos (free, as often as you need to do it). GHP provides you the layout in PDF which is probably not editable, which means that you have to go back to them to make any changes. $$$? Quality of their layout would also depend on the quality of their editing.

    CS/KDP also have free cover templates, which I haven't used, and free ISBNs and automatic free barcoding. Or you can get a fabulous custom cover done for $250 US or less, probably much less.

    They don't mention anything at all about marketing, which is the big advantage of going with a publisher. It sounds like they will get your book up on Amazon (which is what you do with CS/KDP as the last step... hit the publish button), but without any marketing, it will start out ranking in the millions and descend from there to the Amazon basement unless you market it yourself (more pounds). And they say they will keep it there for a year? If you go with CS/KDP or any other POD/eBook service, your book will be on Amazon until YOU take it down. Sounds like GHP might unpublish you after a year, and charge you to republish. I don't know this, but it was an odd thing for them to say.

    As to get making your books "available" to the various bookstores, that is not the same as having your books on their shelves. CS/KDP offers the same service free as "extended distro" to Ingram (good for Indie book stores) and Barnes and Noble, but you have to get individual stores to carry it. And KDP and Amazon have free, or inexpensive, marketing tools, to help make your book sell.

    You might want to check with @jannert and other UK authors, but this sounds definitely like a vanity publisher. Real publishers make money by selling your book, which is why they are so painfully picky, but their vested interest is to select, package and market books that will make money for them and their authors. Those who get their money up front from the author have already made their money, and don't care whether the book sells or not, or whether you ever get your upfront money back.

    My advise is to go with an established POD service like CS/KDP, Ingram Spark or Smashwords. There are many people on this site who have published via those channels, and can help you with the editing, interior layout, cover design, launch and marketing. Or with a person who can help you, for a small fee, with interior layout and cover design.

    Again, well done on finishing another one!
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