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    Guide: Poetry Writing

    Discussion in 'Poetry' started by jtingx, Aug 25, 2008.

    Guide to poetry writing.

    I believe that everyone can write poems, and everyone is equally capable of writing award winning poems, and not just famous poets alone. Believe in yourself, take pride in your work, and never give up. With this attitude, I believe we can even pwn Shakespeare!

    1. Starting on a poem.
    Think of:
    1. Emotions you want to portray – anger, despair, joy, emotionless (the most difficult since sometimes it is hard to transition between a few conflicting emotions.)
    2. Scene and situation - who, what, where, when, how.
    3. Key words or phrases you want to appear in the poem.
    4. Title of the poem – the focal point in the poem.

    2. Writing the poem.
    1. Start off the poem with either an emotion or part of a scene, e.g. a sound. – this would start off the poem with an impact.
    2. Most people are not really perfectionists, or do not like to conform to an equal number of synonyms per line. Although this makes it seem smoother and really easy to read, sometimes it is hard to fit in the full depth of what we truly want to portray into a fixed number of synonyms. So I would suggest that you just go with the flow of your thoughts and emotions, they usually work out the best!
    3. Rhyming words – they usually are what defines a poem, but some people might not want to follow it because it kills too many brain cells coming out with something that rhymes yet still retains its full meaning.
    4. HELP! : A website that gives you synonyms, rhyming words, related words and lots of other word-related help you might need in writing a poem. (I was considering not putting this in.. but I decided not to be mean and to share with you guys! :p)

    3. Ending the poem.
    1. Give an insight to the reason behind your poem so that people can understand it better.
    2. Dedicate the poem to someone – most people don’t do this, but it really does give more meaning to you writing the poem, when you think of who the poem you write is going out to.

    Hope this guide was useful to you guys ^^

    Jtingx (:-D)v
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    sorry to say, i stopped scanning your post when i saw you'd confused 'synonyms' and 'syllables'... anyone claiming to be an expert on how to write poetry should know which is which, imo...

    btw, i've been a poet for decades and have been mentoring and teaching aspiring poets for years, so speak from considerable experience...

    it's nice that you want to help, and i respect you for trying to do so, but inaccurate advice can do those you want to help more harm than good...

    love and hugs, maia
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    This is not the place to show off work. Nor is it the place to offer "expert" critiques. That belongs in the Review Room. No offense, but there are plenty of people here qualified to offer personal advice--mamamaia among them. But they confine their offers to the proper areas. I hope that you will do the same. Enjoy the forums.

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