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    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by enirroc, Jan 7, 2009.

    This isn't really a game, but rather, a chance to state a few things that make you happy. We all have those bad days, but if we take a couple of moments to realize what it is that causes a smile across our face, even those couple of minutes can change the day.

    For me, in no particular order:

    1.)My boyfriend of four years. I know, it's probably silly. But he makes the sadness go away.
    2.) My job makes me so happy. I'm an After School Program Coordinator. I work with children ages 6-10, who have giant personalities and horrible jokes that make me smile daily.
    3.) Psychology. I have a tendency to (annoyingly) psychoanalyze people because it makes me feel accomplished to be able to do so.
    4.) My puppy. She's little and trips over her own huge paws.
    5.) Drawing and writing. I get to express how I really feel without talking.

    Your turn.

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