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    He spoke, the hopeless.

    Discussion in '"I never believed in hell"' started by Drydon, Jan 8, 2007.

    I never believed in hell. It only found it's place in my satire and sarcasm, my mockery of belief, my overgrown cynicism that scoffed at any and all unproven idea's. Disbelief. The folly of man, the inability to believe, or the fear to believe.
    How do you even begin to formulate an image of hell, fire and brimstone or some superior soul society in which the righteous thrive and those who have indulged suffer? How can a mind as weak as ours, one that can find space for disbelief, think of such things?
    How foolish, almost humorous when you think about it.

    There was a time when I consumed myself with desire, with ambition. A time when I had realized how short life was, in the big game we play called life. I realized what a small fragment of eternity I had a part to play in. All the thing's I would see... they had no meaning to all the thing's I would not see... for we are mortal, and what mortality can access is so very, very limited.
    And death, what a cruel bitter concept, to end. I could not bring myself to imagine death, one's existence being wiped out from the mantelpiece of continuity. How would people live with one's total absence? Remembering them wholly, or just their faces with a black border in the background to feed the slowly maddening beast inside of them that has been dubbed, sorrow.

    I despised death, sometimes I had hoped or even embraced it's coming, a relief from this stress, this ever consuming desire to achieve every feat possible with my frail human hand's before I fell into silence, and could no longer speak my part. There was nothing funny about dying.

    It had been only two year's after all... time can heal wound's, but nothing heals fast. No. Nothing happens fast. Not even time passes fast until you reminisce on what has passed, and then it appears as if a fragment in time, for when you remember, you see only the landmarks, the checkpoint, the important thing's and forget the second, minutes, hours which carried almost nothing.

    I wanted to achieve a memory, where not one second was unmemorable. One like those days, the first few days with you.

    I failed, now as I look back, all I managed was to waste away the precious time I had left, consumed by work and my own foolish word's written on paper, that's why I leave this now, hoping it might reach back to the surface, to the mortal world.

    I never believed in hell, but hell believes in me.

    - Rosier

    I decided to write this on spur of the moment, just for fun to see what I could do, just something I don't think everyone will know, Rosier is the demon who causes people to fall hopelessly in love, turning them away from faith, love, family etc.(I've only seen him called the hopeless once, so heck I used it)

    Hope you enjoy, needed to vent some of my idea's, so this helped :)

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