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    Apr 26, 2016
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    Hello all I am new :D

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by AdamkB, Apr 26, 2016.

    Hello every one. Hi! It's me. Oh wait, you don't ... know me ... Rude!

    Ok, so who am I and why should you care?

    I am a pretend author. LOL. By that I mean I am writing my first book, its called The Child and The Poet. I am about three chapter in (double spaced paragraphs make me feel like I've written hundreds of pages, in reality is half that >..>)

    My book is 17+ for the graphic violence, sex and so on. Deals with themes like religion, suicide and love. Dark Fantasy is the genre of the book.

    My question for you all is, if I wanted to post a synopsis of my book and see who would be interested in being an early beta reader where would the most appropriate place to do that be? I see there are sections for posting snippets and chapters but I don't want my work that I plan to publish (self publish?) be distributed that way.

    Most people might think, you should wait till after your editing and revising and finish the book and a professional editor has looked at it.

    No. Not me.

    I am the type that:

    - Word dump all the things on to the page for the chapter.
    - Re-read when chapter is done, fix grammar, spelling (that word didn't catch) and anything else. (bound to still be mistakes, we are humans.)
    - Re-Read, flush out, trim down, fix up scenes.
    - Repeat step 3 two more times.
    - Re-Read, trim down.
    - Re-Read one last time to make sure it makes sense and flows.

    Around chapter 5 or so I will be looking for a small pool of beta readers I can send a chapter two, let them read and then interview them after to get their impressions.

    As I have already asked: Where is the best place to do that here?

    Thanks all.

    Love Love.
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  2. Steerpike

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    Hey Adam. Welcome to the site - I hope you find your time here enjoyable. I'm not sure the best place to post a request for beta readers. Maybe General Writing, or even in the Lounge.
  3. platerawriter

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    Jul 26, 2013
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    New York, United States
    Hi Adam, I hope you have a nice time here and learn a lot about yourself and your craft. I look forward to seeing you around!
  4. DeadMoon

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    Dec 7, 2014
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    fargo, ND
    Welcome aboard
  5. doggiedude

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    Feb 15, 2016
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    Florida, USA, Earth, The Sol System
    I think the most appropriate place would be posting in either the "art of critique" section or the collaboration section.


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