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    Hello and let's share!

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Wander, Dec 8, 2012.

    Ever since I was in 4th grade I knew I wanted to write fiction. No one ever took me seriously or was interested in it at all except for my sister. All these years I've tried to ignore it. I always had a class to focus on, I had to focus on college, I had to focus on getting a better job, I had to focus on ANYTHING but writing.

    And I've HAD IT. I finally bought a couple of books that I could read during my off-time at work and at home, and I was pretty sure I was going to go nowhere. I read a book on plot and story, character viewpoint and emotion, how to write fiction for dummies, and then how to write a draft in 90 days.

    And I'm having the time of my life! I joined the writer's guild up here in Alaska and I've gotten into a circle of other writers who all seem to take whatever I say seriously no matter how ridiculous it sounds. I'm using snowflake pro and I'm absolutely burning rubber writing.

    So what I want to talk about is:

    Other people who want to be writers, who are writers, who cares? If you have an idea, something you've always wanted to write about, no matter how absurd or stupid it sounds, post it! Then rate the one above you! Or don't. Just get it out and keep it pretty short so you don't smother other people's posts :)

    I'll start:

    A science fiction series with a scene where a hermaphrodite cyborg clone has a Rocky Balboa vs. Bruce Lee fight scene against a sexy swat android on a spaceship that is powered by dubstep

    Go next!

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