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    Hello Fellow writers.

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by The Broken Soul Project, Oct 1, 2017.

    I heard that this place was an excellent place to get some critiques on up and coming novels, and I decided to sign up. I do Fantasy/Horror and am currently working on a novel dealing with both of these themes. I accept any form of criticism( I already despise myself and the way I write so it doesn't offend me), and would really love to improve my craft and meet some new people in the process. Nice to meet ya'll.
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    Jul 26, 2015
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    Hi @The Broken Soul Project, welcome to the forum. I suggest checking out our Workshop section if you haven't already, since you're looking for critiques. You'll need to be registered here for 14 days and have made 20 post to be eligible to post a piece for critique in the Workshop. Also for each piece you put up for critique you need to offer two constructive criticisms to others.

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