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    Hello from the Sunshine State

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by chandrasurya, Aug 21, 2014.

    So, I joined this community five years ago, but I'm just now posting an introduction.

    Long story short, I'm a struggling writer, nearing thirty and floundering around in the "real world." I love creating and playing with words. But I have no focus. I've been writing for a long time. Bits and pieces of things. Gotten a couple non-fiction things published, but that's the extent of my "success."

    For the past year or so, I've been writing fanfiction. Yes. I am a dork, but I was sucked into that dark vortex. It's hard to get out of it, but I think it's past time to sign up for 12 step program.

    I'm halfway into a novel (original, not fan-related.) I completed a good share of it during last year's nanowrimo. But I've stalled because there are plot holes. Big ones. Big, gaping, soul-sucking plot holes. I suck at plot.

    Anyway, sorry. This was supposed to be a short story. Just wanted to pop on and say "hello." I think I'll be spending most of my time here in the workshop area, reading other people's work and commenting. Also... yay... there's a plot forum.
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    Welcome back! I'm in FL too. :) I hope you find the help you need and I'm looking forward to reading your advice as well.
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    Welcome back :) !

    Here's our New Member Guide you might want to take a look 'cause quite a bit has changed around here over the years.

    I hope you find your focus again, and by the way, we have a Plot Development room here for disentangling stubborn plot tangles, so feel free to start a thread there if you find yourself unable to climb out of one of those soul-sucking plot holes. ;)

    Have fun!


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