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    Feb 3, 2018
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    Hello, I am new, of course.

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by UnkindledNate, Feb 3, 2018.

    So, as you may gather from my username, my name's Nate.
    My interest in writing first sparked in the second grade. Whenever I had free time, I spent it on the computer typing up stories. My memories are vague, but from what I can remember the stories involved animals going on adventures. Or something.
    I proceeded writing short stories for fun frequently after that, and as an avid gamer I drew a lot of my inspiration from video games, thinking "oooh this may be a good concept/idea to use." Keep in mind this was before I wanted to seriously write and am well aware of the consequences of plagiarism today.
    Somewhere around middle school is when I decided to take writing more seriously and aspire to become a published author, but from then until recently, I kept getting SO many ideas for a book and ultimately lost inspiration and confidence in pretty much all of them. However, since high school, the idea of a fantasy world persisted, and have tried creating a fantasy world in so many different ways and forms, but lost my confidence as I did with the others, how ever I am currently in the process of writing one, one which I feel particularly good about.
    And now, here I am. On a writing forum, seeking to (not exclusively) read and critique other fantasy works, then presenting my own fantasy novel (or the parts of it I have written) when the time is right.
    Also, I'm from New England. Go Patriots.
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    England, UK
    Welcome! :)

    Plagiarism can be a tricky subject, but generally simply drawing inspiration from a video game doesn't count. So you probably would have been quite safe anyway.

    Good luck with your novel. You can do it!
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