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    Hello. Video game writer here

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Kalyt, Nov 18, 2017.

    Hey everyone.

    I am a video game designer, and that has given me the opportunity to contribute as a writer on many commercial projects. I absolutely love the form! The possibilities are endless. And I believe there is room in the industry for more intimate, though-provoking titles. My aim is to create them.

    The game I'm currently working on is a narrative-driven, psychological, sci-fi thriller. It's meant for a mature audience, but does not contain much violence or bad language.

    Unfortunately, I had difficulties with English and Language Arts classes as a student. But I've invested a great deal of time and effort into improving my reading and writing skills. I think I may have some mild, undiagnosed, dyslexia. As a child I remember having trouble focusing on the written page and letters seemed to "blink" around on the page. Sometimes I used poor handwriting to mask my spelling errors.

    I'm grateful that this community exists. It seems like a wonderful, constructive environment for all types of writers. I am specifically enjoying the Flash Fiction workshop (word economy gives me a special thrill).
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