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    Hello, World!

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by QualityPen, Nov 14, 2016.

    Hello, everybody at WritingForums!

    I am QualityPen. Well, I am not a pen, even one of high quality. My name isn't really QualityPen, either... But then again you *probably* know that already. So if I am not a pen named QualityPen, who am I?

    Well, I am just a monkey with a laptop. Granted, a highly evolved monkey usually called a human. I am a college student majoring in computer sciences. I enjoy engineering and science and all that, but engineering and science has always been the average looking gal I ended up with. But my first true love... her name is fictional writing.

    I've decided that if I feel the need to be unproductive and to ignore homework like I often do, it may be better if I spend that time writing novels than wasting it on video games. So bam! Now I'm here.

    I've had ideas bouncing around my head for years. I've been into fantasy ever since I watched Lord of the Rings and eventually got into MMORPG games. I've been into science-fiction for Lord knows how long. Yet, I've always wanted to draw things that I thought were cool into a story that I could call mine. Well, after some deliberation, I decided to write a line of sci-fi and a line of fantasy books. Here's an incredibly brief synopsis:

    The Witchhunter (Fantasy): Short story prequel to Rise of the Dark Empire; I do not plan to ever publish this story as a novel. A graduate of a military academy in a Rome-like empire pays a visit to his brother (who married his long time love interest) to ask for his support for a military excursion. While he is there, he agrees to help his brother hunt down a powerful witch that has been terrorizing the village. During their time together hunting for the witch, he reveals to his brother that he has loved the woman that became his wife for many years, adding to their already tense relationship as brothers with competing political outlooks. As their witch hunt leads them further into the dark, they discover an even more powerful entity that is responsible for many of the local disappearances. Although they kill this entity, the brother is slain.

    Rise of the Dark Empire (Fantasy): A young nobleman, an outcast from his own country, united with a group of warriors and spell-casters to discover the source of dark magic that has been corrupting the lands at an incredible rate. But their quest leads to the release of a great evil and consequences none could have predicted. The young nobleman must learn if he can trust his friends to make the right choices. He must decide between allowing the return of a genocidal empire and the giving up the prospect of retaking his homeland.

    Rise of the Marble Kingdom (Fantasy): A sequel set of books. The young nobleman returns to his own country to reverse the conclusion of the destructive civil war that threw out the nobility and led to his father's death many years ago. Only time will tell how much blood needs to be spilled for the reestablishment of a legitimate state. Will his decisions in Rise of the Dark Empire finally catch up to him or will his drive to write his wrongs and create a better world be enough to raise a phoenix from the ashes of his homeland?

    Sol Eclipsed (Sci-Fi): Set in 3,000 AD on a Terra-formed Mars, this story follows a lieutenant in the Solar System's armed forces as he joins the rebellion against the authoritarian Solar government. But when the ruthless political maneuvers of the Solar government lead to a counter revolution, the lieutenant is forced to flee to the long-time enemy of the Solar System, the some say evil Empire of Epsilon Eridani. After some time, he departs Epsilon Eridani to become a warrior for their allies. Following a successful military career for the Eradi, a nomadic and deeply religious space-warrior culture, he is asked to lead a carrier group during the fast-paced and extremely violent invasion of the Solar System itself. He must overcome the Solar Forces, xenophobia, and the genocidal impulses of allied commanders to lead his forces to victory in an honorable way. But when the invasion fails with the death of their emperor and he is stuck as the leader of a people who view him as an outsider, he needs to adapt and learn to unite a fractured coalition just to save them from destruction. As much as he must help the Eradi survive the war, he must also help them decide if they wish to live in a galaxy that has whole-heatedly rejected religion, or if they must flee into the void of space to escape persecution.

    The End of Days (Sci-Fi): A sequel set of books. The Eradi survived the war. The galaxy is in ruins, but an uneasy peace endures. None can say for how long. Rumors of a new cataclysm, a force that attacks planets and ships regardless of nation or allegiance, are spreading. The Eradi must work together with their once-nemesis, Luna, to fight this evil in a race against time. Failure against this new foe would lead to destruction on a biblical scale, and perhaps the end of sentient human life. The great general of the Eradi-Solar war, once the young lieutenant from Sol Eclipsed, is found alive on the smoldering ruins of Earth and leads his people in the fight.

    If you couldn't tell from the summaries, my stories are going to be on the darker side- the world is doomed! Yet a recurring theme is also the ability of good people to do what they can to set things straight. Nobody is perfect, and they may sometimes fail their moral obligations and do what is right and instead do what benefits them or what their emotions tell them to do. But they will find their way. The real question is if what they do is enough. In my stories the main character doesn't always get their way. Evil isn't stupid. It's been around for just as long as good, and in some cases much longer. It is wise and ruthless and cunning. It will take everything the heroes have and sometimes more to overcome evil, even just barely.

    I will be posting early renditions of my novels on here, and I would love some feedback. Which stories are you most interesting in reading? Which themes do you find entertaining or intriguing? Please let me know! I really look forward to sharing these stories with everybody, and your input will help make them better than I ever could alone.

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