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    Apr 3, 2020
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    Hello world

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Francisco D Alp, Apr 9, 2020.

    Okay, I've been knocking around here nearly a week, so I reckon I ought make an introduction before weeks and months pass.

    I like to write sometimes in my spare time; mostly essays, but also short stories on occasion, poems, conlangs, etc. I've been doing this for quite a while with very little feedback (naturally, they sit in notebooks in a draw). I had a look at some writing courses, but couldn't find one with high feedback. Most seemed focused on various kinds of certificates.

    I'm a big fan of debates, especially structured debates (e.g. British Parliamentary). Can't seem to find this debate section of the forum which people mention though.

    I like board games, juggling, playing flute (on occasion)... in fact, I like hobbies in general.
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  2. Iain Aschendale

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    Feb 12, 2015
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    Hello again Francisco! Glad to see you in this little corner, it's always nice to know a bit about new members. I assume you've read Forum Rules and New Member Quick Start, but if not, make sure to take a look.

    The Debate Room is in the Lounge, but you won't have access to it until you've been a member for 90 days and made 100 posts. It's just something we do to keep the forum on track and not have it turn into a substitute for reddit. Once you've hit those requirements you'll be able to join in, but be aware that it's, well, not exactly the British Parliament or a structured Lincoln-Douglas style debate that you might be familiar with from your rhetoric classes. More of a free-flowing discussion with its own special rule set.

    In the mean time, keep wandering about. I see you've found the Poetry section of the Workshop, always good to get started on your critiques. Once you've been a member for two weeks, made twenty posts (nearly there) and two constructive critiques of other members' work you'll be allowed to post your own work there. Remember that the two-for-one rule of crits to new threads in the Workshop is an ongoing requirement for all members, even Staff.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me or one of the other members of the Mod team.

    Welcome aboard!
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  3. Xoic

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    Dec 24, 2019
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    edge of the spacetime continuum
    Hey Francisco, it seems we've already met. Nice to see your official intro thread. Welcome to our little corner of the universe.
  4. Dogberry's Watch

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    Nov 26, 2019
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    Welcome! I hope you find what you're looking for.

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