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    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by A lake., Mar 11, 2016.

    Hello everyone new member here just have a couple questions about posting my material.
    1. How do I get credit for critiques?
    2. Can I post a PDF file?
    3. How long can it be
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    Welcome to the forum! Please take a look at our New Member Quick Start Guide, there's a lot of information in a nutshell about the forum. :)

    1. How do I get credit for critiques?

    If you want to post to the workshop, there are requirements to be met:
    • You must be registered for 14 days
    • You must make 20 posts forum-wide
    • You must post 2 constructive reviews for each piece of writing you post

    2. Can I post a PDF file?

    No. Your excerpt for critique must be written as any other post here, so you just copy-paste it. Make sure that the formatting doesn't make your post unreadable. Instead of indents, I'd recommend using line-breaks between paragraphs.

    3. How long can it be

    The sweet spot is 1000 words. Any longer than that, and it's possible less people will come around to read and critique it. What you've learned from the critique, you can apply to the rest of your manuscript. You can post more than one workshop entry, but there is a 2 per 1 rule, so for two critiques you can post one piece of your own.

    More information here:
    What is Writing Workshop?

    Have fun. :)


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