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    Hello :)

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by DevilWAH, Oct 20, 2016.


    Dispite not liking to write I suppose it is only right to take time to say hello.

    First of all lets get the elephant in the room out the way. I cant spell :), but after 40 years of it holding me back, apologizing for it, struggling with it I have decided that I am not going to let it stop me attempting to write, i welcome help with people pointing out mistakes that change the fundamentally meaning of what I am trying to say. But please relies I have struggled for 40 years to try to improve it, but i can no more improve it than a blind person can improve there sight, its a symptom of a strange brain.

    Having said that while the brain can't spell I am hoping it can image, my mind has always daydreamed and built up stories and worlds during many long walks and times when I am alone. And I love to read, despite struggling to read new words, which my mind has adapted to by reading words as images not sounds.

    So I am not a wordsmith and I know this is going to be a mountain to over come, but after so many years of mulling over stories and idea I decided I wanted to actually take a few months to get some thing on paper. And after finally taking the plunge and suggesting to a friend (who is a word smith and also knows how bad my English skills are) he seemed to think the idea was quite unique and interesting if I could put the narrative around it that it would be good.

    So I thought why not.

    That was a month or so back and as it stands not I have the out line for 31 chapters, from start to finish and about 13,000 words to paper. All very rough and still a few notes of bits I want in the story but need to find the correct location for them, and many of the chapters are just a few lines outlining what needs to happen between the end of the last chapter and the start of the next one. It is a sci-fi novel but not shooting or blowing stuff up, or completely out of this world. Just 3 friends and work collages with a big problem, and hard choices to make.

    Looking forward to exploring this forum for pointers and seeing what other people are doing. Eventually when I am happy with it I might even share my work. For me just posting some creative writing would be a first in a life time of 40 years and an achievement in its self. the last time others read a story of mine was when I was about 12 and it was about 100 words long. This time I am aiming for about 130,000

    Writing out that and I know I am crazy!! some one who took there English GCSE 4 times before the passed has no right attempting a novel as their second piece! :)

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