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    Oct 5, 2017
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    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by adrez, Oct 22, 2017.

    Just introducing myself. I registered here a number of weeks ago, so that's possibly an insight into the level of procrastination that we're dealing with here.

    Unlike others, I haven't been issuing out short stories or anything else into the world for the last 20 years. This is an attempt to perhaps finally get a grasp on all the stuff fizzing around inside my head.

    I'm interested in world-building and literary archetypes.

    Be gentle. Be kind.

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    Oct 9, 2017
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    Well 20 years ago you would have been using Windows 95 AOl messenger with a 28.8 k modem When you weren't on line you were burning CDs The good news is that while all that has changed, a good story is still a good story. Welcome to the forum, still all new to me, waiting for my two weeks to be up before I can post anything I write.
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    Oct 23, 2017
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    Hey, Adrez, and RMBrown. I'm new to this site, I just got here tonight actually, while I was wondering how I could get in touch with other writer's for some moral and editorial support. I've been writing short stories and just published one on Kindle actually for .99.
    I'm going to write a more comprehensive introduction thread of my own right after I've posted here. Be well, and hope to see you in the forums.
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