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    Style Help deciding on a title

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by DeathandGrim, Oct 26, 2015.

    I'm in a contest with a friend to create a Manga, something I've never done and probably won't do well. And I have finally gotten down an idea for a story I want to do. It's about A Blood Lord named Vayne, who was killed in a duel with a demon named Drakkon, and is mysteriously resurrected 50 years later to find the kingdom he once ruled divided, ravaged, and ruled by a dictatorial Drakkon. He works from the bottom rungs of society to recruit enough to his cause to take down Drakkon by reclaiming territories that were once prosperous.

    I've been trying to toss around names for the series but so far nothing is really sticking. So far I've thought of:

    • Vayne
    • Vain
    • Empire of Blood
    • Dead Era
    But none of them quite hit the mark I'm going for. Help me please? Ask me some questions and help me nail down a solid title if possible.

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