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    Help with Plot development

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by pianodog, Dec 20, 2015.

    Ok so I'm kinda figuring out the direction I wanna go here for the first sort of large arc-almost like season of my comic novel I'm doing. Hope someone can give me some ideas here and help, I'm a noob at writing still.

    1. Finny, the protagonist's parents and brother are erased from reality leaving only her to remember them.

    2. She finds Kijn, the leading support character. Initially Kijn is a bit hostile towards humans (he's not human) due to bad experiences with them when he came to her world years ago. He tells her that he can get them back if her helps her fix the glitches in reality causing it. She agrees and they begin to find glitches such as portals appearing out of nowhere and other crazy stuff. They fix them by entering sub-reality repeating dreams called "niches" in which the two are seperated in two seemingly identical versions of the niche. In order to destroy it, they must find the difference between the A and B side and fix it so that they are the same. They have to talk with special communication gear because they cannot see each other's side. And of course, being an action-adventure story there are weird creatures and dangers in the niche - if they die in the niche they die, they are physically there not asleep.

    Thing is, he is lying to her right off the bat. Kijn doesn't trust any human and doesn't care about using her because he feels like that she is using him for something. Kijn uses her to find a way back to his world.

    3. They discover after a while of forming a sort of bond, Kijn tells her that the cube of Bitzaik or something, dunno yet what it looks like, can get her family back and a machine which can materialize objects from a person's mind that this "evil corperation" is developing has caused their disappearance. He tells her that they must steal it from the company. But actually this cube does only one thing, it is the cube that got Kijn to finny's world in the first place.

    4. In the end Finny finds out and they do not get the cube because the rich man's son uses the cube to destroy reality which is kind of the climax cliff hanger thing for the next part of the story. The son, Daemon, is the main antagonist of the next part.

    My problem is this: I figure Kijn probably causes Finny's family's erasing to begin with, he lies to her figuring he can use her because he doesn't think any human could be honest and sincere. I'm not sure how or why they have disappeared and how he plays into it- was it an accident or did he know what he was doing. Secondly is I'm not quite sure why he needs Finny specifically. I at first thought may'be he needs her help to solve niche's and knows no one else but why her specifically? Character interaction is 10 times better when there is a need for a specific person.

    More info: Finny has always been an overachiever who was pushed into certain acedemic stuff by her father who wanted her to be successful. She never had a chance to explore her own interests thus her whole life was devoted towards pleasing her father and protecting her brother, Nolak. When she finally realizes that Kijn was lying to her she feels like she has no purpose because she never did anything for herself. Also her friend who she started to get close to has tricked her and was not her friend at all. Though keep in mind Kijn feels horrible about it half way before this but thinks it's too late to come clean about it so his plan is to leave Finny's world with the cube. He tries to figure out how to get her family back but he realizes that it's impossible to reverse that.

    Any help is appreciated! :)
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    I love it, I want to know more!!! um how about Kijn thought Finny's father did a wrong by him so he intentionally sent Finny's family away as punishment how ever it was actually a co-worker of Finny's father who using Finny's father's name does the bad deed to Kijn
    which cause Kijn's low regard for humans
    and as he doesn't know many humans so hearing Finny's last name rang a bell and he thinks using her might lead him to something of his/or of value a magical object that might help him or special info that could help he get back to his world.
    hope this may help, good luck :)

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