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    Help with writeitnow4 files

    Discussion in 'Writing Software and Hardware' started by PaperworkEverywhere, Sep 24, 2015.

    Ok, I'm fairly new here, but I wouldn't be requesting help online if I could find the solution by myself...

    I sometimes use Writeitnow4 for my stories, it's a nice writing software. But when I try to transfer my files and open the program in my laptop (I usually use my computer for work and my laptop for backing up), it's still the same version of the story that it was previously when I placed it there in the past. I had to reformat my computer several times in the past few years, but I just got Writeitnow4 in the recent years. The versions that keep showing up in my laptop are the ones from when I reformatted my computer last year, and I have to change the CPU on my computer permanently now out of necessity so I'm trying to backup my files but I don't know how or if they were backed up at all or how I'm going to place them in the new CPU.

    The gist of my problem is this: how can I backup and transfer the current versions of my stories in Writeitnow4? I keep copying my files to my usb and placing them in the laptop, they're the current ones when I open them (from the usb itself) in my computer but when it comes to my laptop, it's still the same version as the one in the past... (this is all from the same usb)

    Can someone pls. help me? Thank you :)
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    I've been using WIN4 (until WIN5 came out), and I've only found what I think you're describing occurs when I have several installs of WIN, and each is accessing different files. (I tried running WIN5 in Linux/WINE and also in a VB on the same machine, and when my internet got flaky, I moved it to my machine from Dropbox).

    At the top of the WIN window, it should show the complete path. I expect that you've probably looked at this already, so please forgive me for mentioning it if you have, but if you can examine that area to make sure the path is the same, that is the starting point. Check also, to see if you're opening a snapshot of your work in one version of WIN - an earlier backup that, I think might not show in the file pathname.

    The next thing to do, if both paths are identical, would be to examine your text for differences, and take screengrabs showing those differences , and forward them to Revenshead publishing, asking for help. Rob Walton strikes me as being quite a knowledgeable and decent sort - I've never met him except over emails, and he was very good to deal with.

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