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    Help! Would a plot like this interest you? (And should I continue it?)

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by MissApiphany, Jul 7, 2014.

    Hello, fellow writers! Glad to meet you all. Writing to ask for your honest opinions and suggestions regarding a work in progress!

    Currently I'm in the middle of three graphic novels, each having to do with a single main story line. I suppose you can call them a series? A trilogy...?
    And I say "in the middle of", when really...at the moment...they're just.... there. In my brain. Floating aimlessly, wondering if anyone would care enough to prod for a script.
    I have a dirty habit of thinking up a TON of awesome ideas, but I rarely write them out in full. It drives me insane; I mean, how am I supposed to start (and finish) a full story on paper when I can't pull the started (and "finished!") story already in my head? It's like a get writer's block, but instead of it happening because I'm out of ideas, I get it from not knowing how to write it! I'm the sort of lady who likes to get things finished the first time around. But we all know that with writing, that isn't the way it works. (sob.)


    What I mean to ask in this pretty little forum is your opinion on a work I DID manage to write out! ...in summary form.

    This "book," the first to be read out of three sort-of-existing ones (which I mentioned before) is titled Solomon. If the plot/idea seems like something you'd like to actually read, please tell me! I'm an encouragement-fueled writer, if you know what I mean.
    I will also accept criticism, suggestions, and my favorite, questions! Thank you in advance. I truly appreciate the assistance of fellow writers.

    Solomon (a graphic novel summary)

    Solomon is a 6-year-old damphir (half human, half vampire) who lived a peaceful, normal life with his [human] mother Aria Celeste at the Layudan (Vampire) Sanctuary - until one day, his world is tragically turned upside down.

    The Sanctuary was attacked by an anti-vampire terrorist group called the Hunter's Association, fighting against the race's efforts for an assimilated world. They managed to violently make their way into the Sanctuary, and with the help of a certain spy (Aria Celeste!), they reached the Vampire King's (Mosley Moore) suite and forced him into an injury-induced coma.
    His own 6-year-old son, Prince James, avoided injury when the boy's Guardians fought to protect him - but lost their own lives in the process. (James' Guardians, a boy and girl, were only 12 at the time).

    Discovering the state of his master (and dear friend) the King, Tanner Reed (the King's Guardian), as well as the deaths of his two children (James' Guardians), Tanner flew into a blind, grief-stricken rage and tore through the Sanctuary, killing every human he laid eyes on. He then learned the human Aria Celeste was secretly a spy for the Hunter's Association and had everything to do with this sudden attack.

    Aria had Solomon all dressed and their things packed, ready to escape when Tanner suddenly made his appearance in their home. The child watched in horror as the man brutally murdered Aria without even lifting a finger, then disappeared out the door, leaving him alone. Afterwards, Chief of Sanctuary Security Finnick Wright, who knew Aria (but not of her identity, or even that she had a child) appeared to make sure she was safe. Instead, he happened across a little boy, still in shock, curled up beside Aria's body.

    Not long after the event, it was discovered that Solomon was a half-blood child whose father, shockingly, is Finnick Wright. Some years ago, they'd been romantically involved in secret, but had broken it off - even after it'd gone too deep... As it turns out, she bore their child and kept the details a secret from everyone - which was easy, since Solomon looked completely human on the outside. Now that the truth had come to light, Finnick felt he had no choice but to take responsibility and adopt him. After all, it was the right thing to do.

    Naturally, Finnick's wife Victoria and their son Jack resented Finnick's decision - and of course, his unfaithfulness. After refusing to surrender Solomon, suffering the loss of respect and being forced to step down as Chief, Victoria divorced Finnick. She and Jack left to live with her mother on the other side of the Sanctuary, leaving Finnick and Solomon alone together.

    The bulk of this story focuses on the relationship between father and son while both try and overcome the hardships thrust upon them. Solomon, a complete emotional mess, mourns heavily for his mom and angrily rejects Finnick, who to him, is nothing more than a stranger - and a vampire, at that. At the same time, he's suddenly dealing with peers who are hurting him. Finnick, whose heart aches for him, tries working his way into his son's life to help him heal - while dealing with the heartbreak of losing his own family in the process, and the respect of many Sanctuary residents who are suddenly calling him a traitor.

    And while all this is happening, the outside world is changing rapidly. Tanner left the Sanctuary to avenge his children and the King by any means necessary - followed by other like-minded vampires. Calling themselves the Old Order, they wreak havok against Hunters. They clash in the streets in gang-war fashion, forcing their previous peace-driven plans for assimilation to a screeching halt.
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    I like this. I like this a lot. Focusing on the father/son relationship in the midst of everything else is probably a smart idea. Vampires have been done time and time again so in order for it to be engaging, it had to be different.

    You should definitely write this down and work through it. I'd be interested to see where it goes and how you pull it all off.
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    Like most ideas, it's good.
    What matters is the execution.

    Though, I have to say, this is probably the more lore filled and well-thought our background info I've seen on WF.org and the most well written as well... Hardly any typos or obvious "didn't even try to write properly" to it (No offense to those with language barriers but some people just don't even bother to write properly in posts in a writing forum...)

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