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    Hey! From Newcastle

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by jable1066, Jan 22, 2017.


    In the interest of keeping this short;

    My name is Jonny - 27, former Royal Marine, owner of various orange trailers/a mobile speciality coffee and food company, father to a four legged fur baby named Nacho and future husband/life-time annoyance to a beautiful lady called Jo.

    I began... writing? Hm, debatable... Last year when I started a blog detailing the tragic reality of setting up a mobile coffee business. I got a little bit hooked, then took a rather early career hiatus for approximately 14 months... Who's counting ey..?

    My fiance*

    For reasons that shall remain untold (see above*), I have started writing again. I've recently left my job as a Royal Marine to run the mobile business full time, so my main goal is to generate and maintain interest in the business through blogging, albeit with a difference.

    To that end, I'm writing a series of tongue-in-cheek memoirs about life as a mobile barista and what drove me to start my own business. We ran out of disasters to write about so I now focus on what can only be described as unspectacular life events of a boy who had a rather enjoyable childhood...

    Jesus that was not short.

    Expect to see some of my ramblings/unabridged encyclopaedias, go up over the next few days...

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    The presence of Y'golonac
    Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your service. I worked with the Royal Marines in Afghanistan; you guys were professional.

    You'll find tons of great advice and resources here, and a lot of helpful people. Read some resources, check out the workshop, and post some blogs! I loom forward to reading your work.
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