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    Nov 7, 2016
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    Remnant, Shadowclan, or 1776 New York City

    Hey, from Rhode Island!

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Jay Lafountain, Nov 10, 2016.

    Hello guys! I'm a writer, and I'm a student, but I love writing so yeah. I love to write, draw, read, sing, about anything involving the arts. But I know I really like writing. I'm trying to get my writing out there, although I know it's trash. But I will try! I'm working on a few things. My favorite perspective to write in is feline, and then canine, and then human. The two major things I'm working on right now is the Abhorrence Series, about a cat named Amethyst who is the Protector of the February Kingdom. I know it sounds childish, but there is a lot of battles and MC deaths. I also tried to develop my characters well, from the ghostly sister to the murderous antagonist. And I feel a connection with each one of them!
    I also am working on the Lost Series, but that's my secondary focus. It's about six packs of wolves, each one representing an element. Lumus and Soleis, two brothers from the Pack of Whispering Stars, are pulled into dark turmoil when the Pack of Lurking Shadows is planning against them. Lumus secretly trains with them, his trainer being Lillith, a young mentor with an abusive family. Becoming suspicious of something bad, Lumus loses the trust of his brother. Lillith finds that she fell in love with Lumus. In the final battle Lumus realized what's going on and switches sides, siding with his Pack and against Lillith. She feels betrayed, and ends up fighting and killing Soleis's mate named Akemi. Soleis grieves, and blames Lumus, and attempts to murder him. Failing, the battle ends, Lillith runs away, Akemi cheats death, and Lumus is exiled. Dark, I know, but intriguing and heartfelt.

    I hope someday I will get to publish these. Hey, and if you like Warrior Cats, RWBY, or Hamilton, shoot me a message because I am obsessed with all three of those.

    I hope I come to be a better writer through this site :write::read::supermad::supergrin:
  2. Unripe Plum

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    Oct 31, 2016
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    Welcome! I love how you're bursting with ideas! But please don't sell yourself short by saying your work is trash. If you don't respect your output, why would anyone else. Be proud of your work!
  3. SoulGalaxyWolf

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    Aug 1, 2016
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    North Carolina, United States
    Welcome to the site! I doubt that your work is trash, you're your worst credict. I read these types of stories and it sounds amazing, and unique.
    I like warrior cats. I haven't read all of them because I don't have all the books =3

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