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  1. yoodooright

    yoodooright New Member

    Aug 27, 2014
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    Hi everyone

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by yoodooright, Aug 27, 2014.

    Thanks for stopping by. I am Chris and I write, amongst other things. It frustrates me that amongst has a squiggly red line below it, it is a real word dammit!

    I am 24 and I am writing a novel, bit by bit. I have been doing so for the last few years but im getting towards the pointy end so I thought "hey, lets be pragmatic and join a forum!". This is very out of character for me so I hope I stick around for a while.

    The vast majority of my writing takes rather abstract form, written in my daily lunch break at work. It is generally very short and is heavily dictated by the mood I find myself in on that day. I (plan to) post these snippets on my blog, and I will not include a link to it for fear of being "that guy".

    I am quite intimidated by the number of posters here; I have always thought of writing as somewhat niche in this day and age, but apparently not. I like to write about myself and my emotions, but find the thought of someone else reading my stuff scary. Why this is I am not sure.

    I am Australian and I love music. I also like to read, assuming the content is interesting.

    So thank you for reading, and a preemptive thank you for your warm welcome!
  2. KaTrian

    KaTrian A foolish little beast. Staff Supporter Contributor

    Mar 17, 2013
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    Profaned Capital
    Welcome to the forum, Chris, I'm sure you'll fit right in. :)

    Here's our New Member Quick Start Guide to get you started. Maybe you took a look at it already, since you don't want to be "that guy" (;)), so thanks for that. In any case, we have a workshop, contests, and role play, among other things. to keep writers inspired.

    Have fun! :D


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