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    Hi, My Name Is Aurelia

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Alyndrya, Jan 3, 2016.

    Hi, my name is Aurelia, and I am a writer... Lol I have been writing since I was 12 years old and now I am 38. I've been writing Fanfiction for 20 years and have put out 180 short stories and novels for various Fandoms. I enjoy writing Romance, Erotica, Fantasy, Supernatural, and Horror.

    I just finally achieved my lifelong dream of publishing a story. It went up onto Amazon on Christmas Eve 2015 as a present to myself. It's called The Honoured Guest (Pen name Aurelia Destiny) and is a blend of Fantasy and Horror. I have sold 22 copies so far.

    I feel sort of inept, to be honest, though I have done what I always wanted. I have huge dreams planned; a 38 Supernatural Romance series (Already with summaries and some with full outlines start to finish) and 34 short stories in Horror and Erotica. I live and breath writing. I think of plots every hour of every day.

    I have found that after two years of writer's block, I am not to back to the level of writing that I used to be. I used to write daily and now I am lucky to do so each week. I have consoled myself by editing old stories. I want to get these written so badly, but it's very frustrating to me that it cost $700 just to get a 19,000 word story into Amazon Kindle. I can't afford that every time. I shudder to think where I'm going to find over $1,000 to get one of my novels edited. :( Then there is the cover design...

    I can write, and well, but the money aspect is really dragging me down. I am becoming depressed and stressed and wondering if I'll ever get the readers that I would really love.

    I want to be published professionally, in softcover, with a publishing company, and get my books out there. I don't even know how I'm going to do this. I have a fanbase already who are supporting me and will buy my books, but I wanted to get my imagination to a larger audience.

    The original idea was actually to submit The Honoured Guest to TOR or another magazine, but it got too big. I still want to submit it to a magazine, but I think that would be considered a reprint. Is that actually right? If I self-publish on Amazon and it's not through a publishing company or another magazine, is it actually a reprint? I wish I knew, because I did find a few magazines who took reprints, but not ones as big as mine. If it's not considered a reprint though, I might be able to find a magazine to take it. I guess it's almost hit novella status now?

    I'm not sure where to go from here.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me introduce myself and ramble on. I have nobody to talk to that's another writer who wants to be published too, or has been.


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    How can you feel inept when you have been so wonderfully productive! I am lucky if I get anything done a week sometimes! Welcome and continue your admirable output!
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    Welcome! I write mostly Romance, but some fantasy and supernatural stuff, too. Nice to meet you. What Fandoms were you active in?

    If you have a story you want to submit to agents/publishers, let me know and I can give you some advice on where to start. The first step is going to be coming up with something (probably novel-length, if you want it in print) that you're really, really proud of and think is ready to share.

    Yes, it would count as a reprint. Self-publishing is still publishing. Also, once you've self-published, publishers are probably going to look at your sales numbers to see if you've got a hit on your hands. I don't think 22 sales is going to be enough to get them interested. It's probably best to focus your efforts on new projects at this point.

    Good luck with it!
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    Welcome Aurelia,

    First, bravo on your achievement. It's more than I have done, so be proud. If people are like an atmosphere, you as a writer are in the ionosphere. So you're up there.

    Second...I have to try to type a scream. WHAT? How much does it cost to publish? I'm flat broke, so this might be the swan song for my 120k word novel. I design my own cover (I used to do this kind of stuff for a living and still freelance on occasion), but dear Lord, those prices are terrifying me now...Please for the love of the writing gods tell me there's a work around.

    Resuming to my calm self now. Welcome again to the forum. No matter what, I found this place very useful for advice, learning to hone my own skills and of course for fun too.


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