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    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by timberhide, Jul 18, 2007.

    I'd like to place samples of my writing here, in time. I've been writing since I was 12 and find it interesting to see how far I've come, looking back on my old stories. I'm extremely hooked on ghosts, vampires and werewolf writings, and sightings. I believe writing should be minimally structured to a degree that it doesn't stifle your creativity but cordially invites potential readers. Should I publish anything, I want to be completely satisfied with it before anyone else. Regardless of who likes or dislikes a story, it all comes down to your sincerity - not assimilation.

    I've decided to see if any of my stories merit monetary compensation. I have a basic website for starters to promote. Somewhere within or beyond this universe my style may strike an audience. Does anyone know of a venue where I might broadly market my first output without charging a major bundle to use their advertising service? Or maybe a useful web technique?
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    Hello timberhide. Welcome to the Writing Forums.

    Before you try to post your own work, I hope you will take a tour of the entire site, and get to know us and how we work. The Community Interaction forums are an excellent place to meet other members and also to take part in small writing challenges to stretch your skiils, everything from simple word games to weekly writing competitions. The Writing Issues forums deal with problems and solutions to various aspects of writing and publishing, and may hold answers to some of your questions.

    Finally, the Review Room is where members post samples of their work for comment, mostly suggestions on ways to improve the writing. We strongly encourage new members to read several pieces and reviews, and try to review other people's work for themselves, before posting their own work for dissection. This not only minimizes the shock effect when people suggest many improvements, it also helps train your own critical eye so as to better prepare your own work before presenting it.

    In any event, welcome again, and I hope we live up fully to your expectations. Writing well takes a lot of work, so make it worthwhile - have FUN!
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    Cogito has it nailed there, I'd follow his good advice anyway ello and welcome! Any questions feel free to let us know. Mods are purple / crimson, reviewers, if you'd like anything looking over that may have been overlooked, are green - and goodness only knows why I'm blue. See you around the site!
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    Well hello and welcome to the forum. I do hope that you have a pleasant time here with all of us.

    The forum has plenty to offer so I do hope that you join in within many of the various activities that we now have going on.

    Well enjoy your time here and see you around the board.

    If you would like a review of anything that you post on the forum then simply pm myself or one of the other reviewers and we would more than happy to help out.

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    Welcome to the site! Glad to see you around and hope to see more of you about soon.

    Not quite sure that I can offer much help in the way of promoting your work but if you need any help with the development of the website or anything like that then give me a shout by PM :)

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